Are Your Eyes Attractive, Really?

Talin Vartanian

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About This Quiz

How attractive are your eyes? If you've ever wondered this, now's your chance to take this quiz, which will determine just how attractive your eyes are! Do you have average-looking eyes or exotic eyes? Or maybe you have attractive eyes or pretty eyes! You're going to have to take this quiz to find out whether or not you really do have attractive-looking eyes!

Eyes can convey a variety of expressions, feelings and emotions. Some people like to give off a mysterious and sultry gaze to others using just their eyes, while other people want to hide how they feel with "cold" eyes. Eyes are also a great way to "gaze" into how someone's personality is since you can tell how confident a person is with just their eyes! The beauty of one's eyes may also come from their eyebrow shape, eye shape, eye color and length of lashes. 

It's also important to note that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and even if you don't think you have pretty eyes, someone out there thinks you do! If you're ready to find out whether or not you have attractive eyes, it's time to take this beauty quiz right now!

Do you prefer a daytime or a nighttime makeup look?

What color are your eyes?

Do you like vibrant eyeshadow colors or neutral, dull colors?

Do you wear any false eyelashes?

Are your eyes multi-colored or are they just one solid color?

Do you often get compliments about your eyes?

Are your eyes dull or rich in color?

Do you focus on the lower or upper lash line when you do your eye makeup?

What is your best feature?

How would you describe your eyes?

Do you have a rare or common eye color?

Does your eye color match your hair color?

How would you describe the shape of your eyes?

Which of these eye makeup products do you use the most?

Do you wear colored contacts?

Are your eyebrows more thin or thick?

How would you describe the shape of your eyebrows?

What is the height of your eyebrows?

Do you have other distinct facial features that may detract from your eyes?

Which of the following eyeshadow shades suits your eyes the best?

Do you exude confidence through your eyes?

Do you have good night vision?

Do you often squint in photos or when reading?

Do you think you have "kind" eyes?

Can you show people how you're feeling with just a gaze?

Do you like to match your eye makeup to your lips and face makeup?

How would you describe your overall personality?

Which aura color would you pick?

Do you prefer to 'play up' or 'play down' your eyes when doing your makeup?

Does your eye color raise your self-esteem?

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