Are Your Manners More East Coast or West Coast?

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Have no shame for the mannerisms that you display to the world, but do find out if your people skills are more East Coast or West Coast in style. We've fashioned this personality quiz to help you sort out which side of the pond your manners come from.

What's rude in one part of the United States may not be regarded at all in other places of the nation. The South frowns upon youngins who don't address elders properly. Meanwhile, East coasters tend to lump young and older folks in the same category, and everyone is regarded equally. In some parts of the southern United States, children aren't permitted to eat their meals until the older generation has had its fill. 

Meanwhile, up north on the East Coast, niceties have waned quite a bit on account of the proverbial rat race. For example, seizing a comfortable subway seat for an hour-long work-to-home ride is more precious than gold. A seated East coaster will nod off to dreamland while staring at an older person who's barely standing, holding onto a subway railing with one hand and their walker with the other hand during a bumpy, speedy train ride. Only the traffic-crazed West coaster can level up to such blind cold-heartedness. 

See where on the map your manners match by taking this personality quiz if you please!

How many trips to the car wash during a week is enough to keep your car clean?

Do you ever offer your subway seat to others?

What season makes you happiest?

While in traffic, do you let cars cut in front of you?

What do you wear to a job interview?

True or false: You jump fences if they impede your path.

How would you describe the strangest thing you've ever done to get your hands on some ranch dressing?

Which place is more sacred, the gym or the church?

Would you volunteer to sleep on the living room couch to let your roommate take the bed in the bedroom?

When was the last time you visited Broadway?

Complete this sentence: Milkshakes are made for ________.

Do you still get excited about Hollywood?

What's the least messy way to eat a taco?

When was the last time that someone addressed you by a title?

Do you water your lawn daily?

What tends to be your first thought when you notice a spider?

When sunbathing in public, do you bare as much of your body as the law will allow?

What kind words did you share during your most recent celebrity encounter?

Do you "borrow" and nibble in the produce section at the market?

Using makeup or toiletries while in traffic — is it your thing?

Is it OK to top-off at the gas pump?

If you notice people on the sidewalk and there's a nearby puddle on the street, do you slow down so that you don't christen the folks as you drive past?

What favorite food fusion might others take offense to?

What article of clothing must look presentable at all times?

How low is too low when parasailing along your state's coastline?

On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the loudest, at what volume do you typically listen to music?

Is it true that nothing is more important to you than your car?

Do you walk on lawns if there isn't sidewalk space available?

On your way to the beach, what special directions do you give your driver?

Is it too polite to use a knife and a fork when eating pizza?

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