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Planning a family vacation in Arizona? Take our quiz to get all the details on the best places to take your family on your vacation in Arizona.

What color are the rock formations around Sedona?

The rock formations around Sedona are various shades of red, giving visitors the eerie feeling they are visiting another planet.


What are some of the names of the rock formations in Sedona?

Some of the interestingly shaped rock formations have equally interesting names such as Devil's Bridge and Coffee Pot Rock. Sedona also features exotic saguaro cacti.


What is the name of the historic town next to Sedona?

The historic mining town next to Sedona is Jerome. Nearby is a towering cliff dwelling, once home to the Singuan Indians.


How many miles long is the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is 227 miles (365.5 kilometers) long and 18 miles (29 kilometers) across at its widest point.


What is an unforgettable way to explore the Grand Canyon?

A unique and unforgettable way to explore the Grand Canyon is to take a rafting trip through the Colorado River, which runs through it.


How deep is the Grand Canyon?

At its deepest, the Grand Canyon is a mile deep.


Which area of the Grand Canyon attracts the most visitors?

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon attracts 90 percent of the canyon's visitors because the views there are better, and it hosts most of the restaurants and guest houses.


Which Grand Canyon trail is best for families with babies and toddlers?

The South Rim walk is an easy, paved walk designed for families with strollers.


What level of difficulty is the canyon's Widforss Trail?

The Widforss Trail, at the quieter North Rim, is an easygoing 5-mile trail suitable for children age 7 and older.


Which Native American tribe makes their home in the Canyon de Chelly?

The Canyon de Chelly is home to a living community of Navajo Indians, and they consider it to be sacred ground.


What is the Canyon de Chelly surrounded by?

The Canyon de Chelly is strikingly beautiful with its vivid red and yellow sandstone cliffs, surrounded by maize fields, green pastures and cottonwood trees.


Where is the Sabino Canyon located?

The lush and green Sabino Canyon is located just outside Tuscon. You can explore the canyon on foot or take a tram to the top.


What is the name of the waterfall in Bear Canyon?

The untouched desert hiking trail at Bear Canyon leads to the Seven Falls waterfall.


What is Taliesin West home to?

Since 1940, the Taliesin West complex has been home to the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. It was built in the late 1930s by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


What does "Tseghahoodzani" mean?

"Tseghahoodzani" means "perforated rock" in Navajo Indian, and it refers to the geological wonder of a distinctive circular window that has been eroded into a sandstone wall in the town of Window Rock, Arizona.


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