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Army Rangers develop specialized skills that make them effective in nearly any kind of tactical operation. How much do you know about these elite soldiers?

The Battle of Mogadishu, which involved Army Rangers, was immortalized in which film?

Their mission was successful but took a few tragic turns.


The term "ranger" first came into common use during which conflict?

It was a period of conflict that lasted about two decades.


During which conflict were AMERICAN soldiers first officially named Rangers?

Among them was Francis Marion, who is often considered one of the inventors of guerrilla warfare.


When were the U.S. Rangers first active?

The modern incarnation of the Rangers has been around since 1942.


After the Civil War, for how long were the Army Rangers inactive?

Fewer military units were needed during Reconstruction.


During WWII, the 6th Ranger Battalion rescued POWs from a camp in which country?

The saved more than 500 prisoners.


Which American president was an Army Ranger?

He was briefly a private.


Ranger John Singleon Mosby earned which nickname during the Civil War?

He struck Union forces and disappeared, time and time again.


The World War II version of U.S. Army Rangers used standards developed by commandos from which country?

The tactics helped them fight back against the Nazis.


The United States Mounted Ranger Battalion appeared in only one conflict. Which conflict was it?

The enlisted were required to provide their own horses and weapons.


How many Ranger companies were formed during the Korean War?

A company may have up to 150 members.


How many rules were in Robert Rogers "Rules of Ranging?"

The rules offered guidelines for executing effective guerrilla warfare.


During which conflict did the only all-black Ranger group form?

The 2nd Ranger Company used the "Buffalo Rangers" motto.


How many men were initially accepted into the 2nd Ranger Company during the Korean War?

Like other Rangers, they trained about 60 hours per week.


What's the motto of the Army Rangers?

Their specialized training means they can tackle about any military challenge.


During which conflict was the Rangers motto spontaneously born?

As the story goes, the motto came to life during the storming of Omaha Beach.


What is the duration of the current Ranger School?

They are some of the hardest days in the lives of these human beings.


Rangers are trained to be able to deploy on about how many hours notice?

They can reach nearly any part of the world in that time.


In what year did the first women graduate from Ranger School?

Their accomplishment made national headlines.


After the attacks of 9/11, where were Rangers first deployed?

A month after 9/11, they began their invasion as part of an airborne attack.


Where is the Ranger School located?

The fort is located in Georgia.


As of 2016, how many battalions of Rangers are serving?

Battalions typically feature between 400 and 1,000 soldiers.


A commander named Turner Ashby led a company known as the Mountain Rangers during which conflict?

He worked closely with Stonewall Jackson to fight Union troops.


In what year was a Desert Phase added to the Ranger School training regimen?

The addition meant that training took longer: 65 days.


After graduating from Ranger school, soldiers are presented with the Ranger tab, which features what?

The tab is a point of honor for those who survive the school.


What's the failure rate for the first three days of Army Ranger School?

Soldiers spend the first 20 days of this period learning combat skills.


During the so-called "walk phase" of Army Ranger School, what do soldiers learn?

The phases last three full weeks.


Where does the mountain training phase of Ranger School take place?

These surprisingly remote mountains are located in Dahlonega, Georgia.


In what kind of environment does the "run" phase of Army Ranger School take place?

The Georgia environment is hot, humid and hard on the soldiers.


In which year was the Ranger School established at Fort Benning?

The first official graduation date was March 1952.


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