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If you're interested in a bold design scheme that echoes Europe of the 1920s, then look no further than Art Deco. Despite the fact that the movement has been around for close to 100 years, it has never really gone out of style. See how well you do on this Art Deco design quiz.

Art Deco started in the Roaring Twenties in what famous European city?

London and Rome have their share of classic design elements that include Art Deco, but the movement first started in the city of lights: Paris, France.


Which famous New York City building is known for its Art Deco design and chrome spire?

Both the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building are rich with Art Deco style, but only the Chrysler Building is famous for its chrome spire.


Which one of these is a hallmark of Art Deco design?

Art Deco design is known for many things, but bamboo and wavy patterns aren't among them. Striking geometric shapes are.


Which of these cultures inspired elements of Art Deco design?

There are many elements from other countries tied into Art Deco design. The sunburst of the Aztecs is a classic Art Deco look.


For which design element is Art Deco known?

Never subtle, Art Deco design is known for its opulent, rich style.


What material is commonly used for Art Deco?

You won't find any clay or bamboo in an Art Deco scene, but there may be plenty of stainless steel and other shiny metals like aluminum.


What famous ocean liner is known for its Art Deco design?

The Titanic was known for its beauty and style, but it's classified as Art Nouveau. The Queen Mary is classic Art Deco.


Where else besides buildings can you find Art Deco design?

Cars in the 1930s and '40s had a decidedly Art Deco look, with angular shapes and chrome details.


What street in Los Angeles is known for its Art Deco buildings?

The Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles is a great place to see live music, and it's just one of the many Art Deco buildings on historic Wilshire Boulevard.


Which area of Dallas, Texas, has its fair share of Art Deco buildings?

Believe it or not, Fair Park has the largest collection of Art Deco buildings and art in the world. Because everything's big in Texas.


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