Quiz: Do you Know How to Manage your Arthritis Symptoms?


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There are many ways to manage your arthritis symptoms. Test yourself with our quiz to learn more about arthritis management.

Which of the following may cause an arthritis sufferer physical injury?

Fatigue can lead to overextending joints, which greatly increases the chance of injury. This is especially true for arthritis sufferers whose joints are already weak.


What is a main cause of fatigue in arthritis sufferers?

Arthritis sufferers deal with pain, basic daily activities and symptoms of depression, which can become quite difficult to manage. All these can cause fatigue, as well as certain arthritis medications such as muscle relaxants and tranquilizers that can cause drowsiness.


What can you do to prevent fatigue?

By being aware of your surroundings, you can maintain your regular social life while managing fatigue. Look for opportunities to rest, dress appropriately for the weather, bring a support cushion for your chair and so on. Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol because they can cause lethargy.


What is a good strategy to help you conserve energy?

Being organized will help you be more efficient and conserve energy. It's good to make lists and try to combine tasks and errands, but don't make your day jam-packed.


What is essential to protect your joints?

Good posture helps to properly align the body so that bones and joints are correctly balanced and do not have to support more weight than necessary.


What sort of mattress is recommended for good posture?

A firm and supportive mattress can help you maintain good posture while resting. Raising the height of the bed might also make getting in and out of bed easier.


How should you carry heavy objects to minimize the stress on your joints?

Carrying heavy objects close to your body helps to distribute the load from the weaker joints in your hands to the stronger joints in your core. This protects the smaller joints.


When should you start using assistive equipment to help with daily chores?

You should only start using an aid once you can no longer complete the activity without experiencing excessive joint pain. As long as you can complete an activity on your own without too much joint stress, you should continue without an aid, even if it means changing the way you do it. Using the joints for daily activities helps to strengthen them and increase their range of motion.


Which fastening method is preferred by arthritis sufferers?

Velcro doesn't require much work by the fingers, so replacing buttons, zippers and shoelaces with Velcro can make it easier for people with arthritis in their fingers.


Why is an apron useful for arthritis sufferers?

Filling the pockets of an apron with useful tools, such as measuring spoons and sponges for the kitchen or rags and detergents for cleaning, can help avoid repetitive movement.


What is the best height for a shelf in the kitchen?

Shelves that are hip height are the best, because you avoid crouching for low items and stretching for high items. Place items that are infrequently used on high shelves and heavy items on low shelves.


If you have a job that requires you to stand a lot, how should you position your feet to reduce back strain?

Keeping your feet shoulder-width apart will help you maintain good posture that supports your neck and spine. Also, try not to lock your knees.


When looking for a computer, what accessory may arthritis sufferers find useful?

A touch pad is a good option if arthritic fingers make holding a mouse difficult. An adjustable keyboard that can be tilted downward can take pressure off wrists.


If you need to carry heavy objects, what is the recommended maximum weight that you should carry?

Arthritis sufferers should not carry more than 10 percent of their body weight. Try to carry heavy objects on the unaffected side of your body so as not to place unnecessary stress on affected joints.


When buying a telephone, what feature may be helpful for arthritis sufferers?

A headset/earpiece may be a useful investment for arthritis sufferers since it could be difficult to grip the receiver and hold up your arm for a long time while you talk.


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