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The phrase "arts and crafts" may refer to the handmade items you'd find at a local sidewalk sale, but it also refers to a design movement that remains popular today. If you think you're a design star, take this quiz to test your knowledge of all things Arts and Crafts.

In what country did the Arts and Crafts movement begin?

The Arts and Crafts movement migrated to many parts of the world, including the United States, but it all started across the pond in England.


Who is considered the grandfather of the Arts and Crafts movement?

Renaissance man William Morris was an author, textile designer and artist who helped pioneer the Arts and Crafts movement.


True or false: Arts and Crafts design shifted the focus from machined goods back to goods that were handcrafted by human artisans.

The hallmark of Arts and Crafts design depended on talented craftsmen who allowed manufacturing to move from machines to human hands.


What was a key component of Arts and Crafts design?

Remaining true to the materials being used was important to the Arts and Crafts movement. Many times, the materials were left undecorated to highlight their natural properties.


What style of furniture goes well in an Arts and Crafts home?

Victorian furniture is too lavish, and modern is too clean. Mission style furniture is right in the middle and stylistically fits in an Arts and Crafts home.


What colors are more often used in Arts and Crafts design?

Greens, browns and warm, yellow, earthy tones go much better in an Arts and Crafts home than bold colors or pastels. Save those for Miami Beach.


True or false: Arts and Crafts is almost the opposite of minimalism in that function is just as important as form.

Arts and Crafts homes were designed with functionality in mind, and they frequently feature built-in shelves, livable spaces and warm rooms.


Furniture of the Arts and Crafts movement was almost always made from what material?

Because of the chunky, heavy quality of oak, Arts and Crafts furniture was built almost exclusively of this wood. A dark stain and leather upholstery complete the Arts and Crafts look.


What is a popular decorative choice for an Arts and Crafts inspired design?

Cubist sculpture is more suitable for a modern or minimalist home, and shag carpeting screams 1970s chic. A classy, stained glass piece is more at home in the Arts and Crafts world.


Some people feel that the Arts and Crafts design movement was in direct opposition to what other movement?

Interior design usually has little to do with politics, and minimalist design didn't come onto the scene until 1929. Most people feel that the Arts and Crafts movement was a backlash against ornate and lavish Victorian styles.


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