Quiz: Asian History Quiz
Asian History Quiz
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent. It is comprised of 48 countries where roughly 4.5 billion people live. It is home to about a quarter of all of the world's countries and the majority of the world's 7.5 billion people. It stretches from Turkey to Japan and encompasses the entirety of Russia. Some of its islands are even near Australia. The Middle East is part of this continent as well. Asia is diverse in both its people and its geography. From the world's biggest cities to some of the world's most remote villages and towns, it all can be found in Asia. It has got dark forests, harsh deserts, and even tropical islands.

This vast and complex place has unique histories to match. Its history goes back thousands of years and is full of intrepid and terrifying conquerers, amazing advancements, large tragedies, and the rise and fall of countless empires. From bloody warfare to fascinating ingenuity, humanity has made countless important strides in Asia over the centuries.

If you are a global history buff who knows the history of the west and east like the back of your hand, put your knowledge to the test with this Asian history quiz!

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The Mandate of Heaven was important to the rulers of which ancient place?
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Where in Asia did early civilizations form?
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When did India become independent of Great Britain?
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Catherine the Great was the Empress of:
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Was Japan involved in WWI?
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The Opium War was caused by ____________ introducing opium to China.
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Mao Zedong is considered to be the founding father of:
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Which Asian country used to be known as Siam?
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___________ was invented in medieval China.
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Korea was split into two states as a result of which war?
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Why did the Russian Empire fall?
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The first westerners to come to China were:
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The majority of the Islamic Golden Age occurred during which era in the West?
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Which ancient religion began in China?
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Where in Asia did the samurai originate from?
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Which group of people has historically dominated the Arabian desert?
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The Han Dynasty is considered to be what kind of era in Chinese history?
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The Vietnam War was also fought in:
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The Indus Valley Civilization is thought to have created early:
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Who conquered most of The Achaemenid Empire?
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Which ancient Asian religion was a precursor to all Abrahamic religions?
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Which ancient ruler conquered most of India?
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Women in which ancient society often performed the same tasks as men?
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The Black Death is known to have killed a large number of people in:
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Which of these was once a state religion of Japan?
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Which of these was a kingdom of medieval Korea?
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When was the Russian Empire founded?
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What kind of government did the Russian Empire have?
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The Quing dynasty was the ______ imperial dynasty of China.
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The last European colony in Asia was:
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Rulers of which empire were known for having all of their family members killed so they could not oppose them?
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