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“What’s your sign?” wasn’t always a corny pickup line. In fact, many people — starting with ancient Babylonians — insist that the month and date of a person’s birth hold critical information to their personality. Known today as astrology, the school of thought was originally lined up with astronomy, although the divide has grown deeper thanks to the advent of modern science. Astrologists garner plenty of criticism, yet the fascination persists. Not so sure? Ask a person what their blood type is and they might not be able to tell you, but even the most cynical anti-astrologist will surely know their Zodiac sign.

Horoscopes have always been of particular fascination to astrology enthusiasts. After all, who doesn’t love a prediction of the future? The tool relies on the date, time and place of a person’s birth and where the planets are positioned at such time to give predictions and suggestions about personality traits, fears, flaws and the like. Some people also consider signs when embarking upon romance, as certain star signs are said to be more compatible than others.

It’s not all about personality and romance, though. Astrologists were often consulted in the days before weather technology to predict forecasts and other types of disasters. Astrology also became popular with rulers looking to make decisions about their people and even wars. As recently as World War II (and let’s be honest, probably after that) astrologers were routinely questioned about possible battles and even the enemy’s intent!

For centuries, people have sought answers about their lives by looking to the heavens as a road map for their destinies. How much do you know about astrology? Take the quiz and discover your astronomy IQ now!

Astrology essentially asserts that each individual is his or her own what?

As such, astrologers say people mirror the astrological pattern present when they were born.


Astrologers often compare astrology to which tool?

Some say astrology is like a ship's compass, helping to guide individuals through the waters of life.


True or false: A few astrologers have proved their accuracy under scientific conditions.

Astrology has been proven inaccurate when subjected to carefully constructed scientific studies.


In which century did astrology begin losing credibility among academic types?

As science evolved, particularly in astronomy, astrology began losing believers.


The zodiac is a circle that is divided into how many sections, or signs?

Ultimately, the zodiac is a sort of coordinate system for celestial bodies.


What is the zodiac element for Taurus?

Astrologers associate Taurus with people who are stubborn or determined.


Chinese astrology is based on a cycle that lasts how many years?

Chinese astrology isn't like Western astrology and requires astrologers to view symbols in very different ways.


What is the English translation of Aquarius?

Its duration runs from January 20 to February 19.


Which astrologer wrote a book of predictions called "The Prophecies?"

The book was first published in 1566 and has been used for countless predictions, even in the present day.


Into how many subgroups are the signs of the zodiac divided?

They are divided into Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs.


Which is NOT an animal used in the Chinese zodiac?

Compared to Western astrology, the symbolism of these animals is very different in China, even when the animals used are the same.


What is Barack Obama's sun sign?

Leos are known for loving the spotlight.


Astrologist Joan Quigley was famous for offering insights to which famous couple?

This former president and his wife were well-known for their love of astrology.


In 2014, a study by the National Science Foundation found that what percentage of Americans thought astrology was science?

In 2014, only 55 percent of Americans could flat-out say that astrology wasn’t science.


Which U.S. president consulted with astrologers throughout his life?

One astrologer reportedly accurately predicted the birth of one of Cleveland's children.


The top of the zodiacal circle represents what?

Earth, of course, is at the center of the circle.


Astrocartography determines how your life is affected by what?

This practice says that if you move to your perfect location, your life will improve.


What is katarchic astrology meant to help people with?

It is also sometimes called electional astrology.


Which World War II leader was a believer in astrology?

The Nazis arrested Swiss astrologer Karl Krafft in the hopes he would help their war aims.


What event of World War II did astrologer Louis de Wohl accurately predict?

The Allies used him to try and predict what Hitler might do next.


Libras supposedly will do anything they can to avoid what?

Astrologers say Libras hate fighting.


In the Middle Ages, natural astrology was primarily used for what purpose?

It was used to help diagnose ailments of the day.


Fire personalities are thought to be good for what?

Fire personalities are born under Leo, Aries and Sagittarius.


Who is sometimes called the "father" of modern astrology?

He simplified the technical side of astrology so that more people would be able to learn it quickly.


The Twins are the English translation of which sign name?

Geminis are reportedly agile of mind and quick in temper.


What is a pseudoscience?

Most reputable scientists see little correlation between astrology and real-world events.


What is the ruling planet of Libra?

And the zodiac element for Libra is Air.


Astrologer William Lilly might have been best known for predicting which event?

He predicted the fire 14 years before it happened, and was then named as a suspect when it actually happened.


A Balsamic moon is said to be associated with what?

It is also related to a person's engagement with his or her destiny.


In the Tropical zodiac, which sign falls between June 22 and July 22?

Astrologers say Cancerians are sensual people with a lot of emotion.


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