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Once upon a time you had to do all banking transactions during bank hours. Not anymore. Today, you can swipe your card and withdraw or deposit cash through the services of an ATM, at any time of day or night. How does it work? Is it safe? Take this quiz and find out.

What is the function of an automated teller machine (ATM)?

An ATM is a cleverly designed non-human banking service that offers banking facilities 24 hours a day.


What is the difference between a credit card and an ATM card?

A credit card gives you credit for your purchase, whereas an ATM directly deducts the amount from your account.


What is another name for a check card?

Another name for a check card is a debit card.


Where can you use your ATM card?

Your ATM card is usually only used at an ATM.


Do most retailers that accept credit cards also accept check cards?

Yes, most retailers will accept both interchangeably.


Why do some hotels and car rentals require that money be put "on hold" in your account?

Some hotels and car rentals have this set-up, because you're paying by check card and this ensures they will receive payment.


With which kind of card do you enter a PIN number when you make a purchase?

The only card that you need to enter a PIN number for is a debit card.


Who might charge a specific fee if you use your check card as a debit card?

The bank might charge you a certain fee if you use your check card as a debit card.


In what way is a host processor and an Internet service provider (ISP) similar?

Both of them are like gateways to a data terminal or network.


What is the medium through which an ATM connects to the host processor?

An ATM works by means of a modem connection to the host processor.


What is the approximate initial cost of a dial-up machine?

The initial cost of a dial-up machine is less than half of the cost of a leased-line machine.


How does the card reader receive information from the ATM card?

The card reader gets the information from the magnetic strip that is located on the back of an ATM card.


Which of these ATM components provides auditory feedback when you press the keys?

The speaker gives auditory feedback, similar to speakers attached to other electronic systems.


An ATM's cash dispenser has an electronic eye and a sensor. The first counts the banknotes. What does the sensor do?

The sensor identifies old notes or notes that are stuck together. These are diverted away from current usage.


Why does the ATM record the number of reject bills?

The ATM keeps a record so that the bank knows if the machine is causing a problem. A high reject rate might indicate, for example, a bill-loading problem.


When you perform a transaction with your ATM card, how is the money moved?

An ATM transaction always entails the moving of monies through an electronic transfer.


Until the ATM receives an approval code, what can't it do?

The ATM must receive an approval code before it can release the cash you've requested.


What do ATMs offer for the visually impaired?

ATMs for both the visually impaired and the blind offer keypads with Braille.


How do you know that your personal details are safe when you use an ATM?

Your personal details are as safe as they could possibly be because of the encryption software involved.


What number is printed on an ATM transaction receipt?

The last four digits of your account number are printed on a transaction receipt. This means that your account details are not disclosed to anyone who finds the receipt.


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