Quiz: ATM Skimming Quiz
ATM Skimming Quiz
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Did you know that ATM-related theft is a global crime that results in huge sums of money stolen every year? Smart thieves, advanced technology and sometimes poor security measures make ATM skimming a lucrative crime that could leave you with an empty bank account. But do you know enough about skimming to spot a hacked ATM? Take the quiz to find out.

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About how much money is lost to ATM skimming annually?
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What Windows platform do many ATMs run?
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What kind of credentials do you need to purchase an ATM online?
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How do ATM skimmers usually steal PIN numbers?
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Which bank chain was targeted by skimmers in 2010 and had to reimburse customers more than $200,000?
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How do most ATM skimmers access the personal information on your debit card?
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Which popular '90s movie depicted a teenager skimming ATMs for cash?
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Which ATM companies were known to have "backdoors" that gave full access to anyone who put in a specific key combination?
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New "tap and go" credit cards use what kind of waves to wirelessly transmit transaction data?
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How much money was lost in RFID credit card skimming incidents in 2009?
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When did the first known instance of ATM skimming occur?
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Which security company sells a device that detects the presence of ATM skimming card readers?
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A security expert named Barnaby Jack was able to hack into multiple ATMs and export user data using this built-in program. What was it?
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About how many ATMs were in use in the United States in 2009?
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How much money was stolen in the biggest ATM robbery of all time?
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