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The beginning stage of romance, when you're attracted to someone and can't get thoughts of him or her out of your head, is a roller coaster of emotion. But how much do you really know about the science of attraction and new love? We'll find out in this quiz.

Scientists have discovered that the same neural pathways involved in new romance are also involved in which of the following?

Falling in love is like taking cocaine -- at least to your brain. There's a reason why both love and drugs are hard to quit. They activate pleasure centers in your brain that make you crave more.


That first kiss is so important, and it turns out you're swapping more than just spit. What do men pass to women during a smooching session?

Because a man's saliva includes testosterone, which increases sex drive in both men and women, a good make-out session can make you feel even more gaga for your guy.


Which gender falls in love faster?

According to prominent anthropologist Helen Fisher, men tend to fall in love more quickly than women, because they are more visually oriented.


Which of the following is the ideal time for romance?

Even when we're not looking to have children, our bodies respond to evolutionary urges telling us to mate. That may help explain why many studies have shown that women respond differently to men when they're ovulating. And men respond differently to women as well -- one notable study found that exotic dancers made more tips when they were ovulating.


Waist-to-hip ratio has been shown to be an important factor in whether men rate women attractive. According to studies, what is the most ideal waist-to-hip ratio for a woman?

Researchers have determined that a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7 is the most attractive to men; that number means that the waist is narrower than the hips. Waist-to-hip ratios between 0.7 and 1.18 would also be attractive; this measurement may indicate physical health and fertility.


Which of the following factors has been shown to affect women's ability to pick a good mate?

Though motorcycles and a nagging mother may drive some women into the arms of a bad boy, birth control pills have been shown to affect women's ability to sniff out good genetic matches for themselves. Studies have shown that women can use their noses to find men who have different genes than their own, ensuring a good genetic mix in any potential children; however, women on birth control were more likely to find men with a similar genetic code more attractive.


What is a love map?

"Love map" is a term coined by sexologist John Money, and it refers to an unconscious catalog of traits that we look for in a relationship. When we meet someone, Money posits, our brain goes through the love map determining how well this person measures up.


Which of the following factors is most likely to influence a man when deciding whether to pursue a certain woman?

According to studies, a woman's face and its symmetry is the biggest turn-on for a man.


A 2007 study found that we tend to choose partners who have the same percentage of body fat as we do. What is this an example of?

We're often attracted to people who look, think and act the way we do, which is known as assortative mating.


How long does that giddy feeling of romance last between two people?

Enjoy it while you can -- romance doesn't last forever, mainly because our brains can't handle the constant excitement. But that doesn't mean you have to break up; rather, it just means that two people have to work a little bit harder to keep the fire alive.


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