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Autumn is a beautiful time of year, when the colors that begin to appear in nature can add splendor to your immediate surroundings. You can make use of these colors to beautify your home. Take our quiz to find out what you can learn about autumn accessories.

Which of these colors themes should you use to infuse your home with a sense of autumn?

As the weather turns cooler you will notice that leaves start turning various shades of red and orange. These colors can really warm up your surroundings.


Which of these is traditionally associated with autumn?

You plant pumpkins in July and begin harvesting them in September. The fact that carved pumpkins are a traditional Halloween decoration has solidified the relationship between pumpkins and autumn.


Among the many scented candles on the market are some in what traditional autumn fragrance?

Cinnamon stands alongside pumpkin as a classic autumn ingredient. Who doesn't love adding a touch of cinnamon to their pumpkin soup?


Which of these decorations is an inexpensive way to toss a hint of fall into your living room?

By using green, raspberry, and pumpkin colored throw pillows you can add a lot of color to your living room without spending a fortune reupholstering everything.


A well-placed bowl of which of these candies will help remind you of the time of year?

Candy corn is an orange and white Halloween candy that can stay out for quite a while without spoiling. That makes a bowl of these candies a lovely and delicious autumn decoration.


Which of these chores would you most likely do during autumn?

Add some pictures of the family playing in and raking leaves to personalize your enjoyment of the fall season.


What might you stuff into your curtain panels to really bring the beauty of autumn into your home?

Try collecting some fallen leaves and stuffing them into the panels or pockets of your curtains. These leaves are a natural and free source of autumn's colors, so enjoy their beauty.


Which of these harvesting tools make a great autumn-style centerpiece?

Farmers use bushel baskets to collect and count their produce. Fill one of these lovely wooden baskets with fruit and use it as a seasonal centerpiece.


Why might you use apples to decorate your home during the fall?

Like pumpkins, apples are in season during autumn. The fact that they come in so many colors is another good reason to use them as decorations.


Which of these practical items can lend beauty to an autumn themed dinner?

Making placemats with an autumn theme is easy and affordable. Simply trap some leaves between two sheets of contact paper.


What makes gourds such great centerpieces?

Just like pumpkins, many gourds are in season during fall. They come in many colors, shapes and sizes, and last a very long time.


As the weather gets cooler you can use which of these to keep both you and the color theme warm?

You might find that your summer linens are too thin for fall and winter. A set of linens with an autumn color theme is a great way to keep your bedroom up with the times.


Which of these food should you serve to satisfy the fall appetite?

AS the weather cools we begin to crave warm foods, especially soups and stews. Try bringing in the fall with a hearty chili.


To produce a lovely outdoor decoration, you can use cloth ribbons in fall colors to tie which of these together?

A bunch of corn stalks tied together with ribbon can serve as the perfect porch accent for the autumn months.


Which of these flowers would you associate with fall?

Certain mums begin to flower in mid-September, making them the perfect autumn flower.


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