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Many people enjoy redecorating their homes to suit the season. Autumn, with its bold colors, is the perfect time to adorn your surroundings with a touch of nature. Take our quiz and find out whether you know how best to decorate your home for the fall season.

Which of these natural occurrences best represents autumn?

As the weather cools, the colors of the leaves begin to change. The result is a dramatic effect on the appearance of the outdoors.


Which colors are most often connected with the fall season?

Most leaves are green. During the fall they start to turn various shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown.


Which of these fruits might you use as an autumn decoration?

Apples, oranges and clementines are all in season during autumn. These fruit taste great and work well as decorations.


In what should you display your fall fruit?

A simple glass bowl full of fruit can make a lovely centerpiece. Fill a bowl with different apple varieties to beautify your dining room.


What can you frame to really bring the essence of fall to your home?

Autumn leaves are beautiful and free. Collect some and frame them to produce easy-to-make autumn art.


What should you use to dry out fallen leaves?

Rather than wait for your leaves to dry, which might produce mold, simply use some silica gel. You should be able to find some at a craft store.


Which color cardboard should you use as the backdrop for your framed leaves?

To really bring out their colors, frame your leaves using a white cardboard background. The contrast will be stunning.


What should you make sure to do before using acorns as display items?

Some acorns have bitter tannins that can irritate your skin. Use gloves to collect acorns, and always wash them before displaying them.


Where should you go to purchase ribbon for decoration?

Rather than spend a fortune at a fabric store, go to a craft store and buy simple and affordable ribbon for decoration.


How might you use ribbon to beautify your home for fall?

Simply tie some bows of velvet ribbon in seasonal colors to your dining room chairs as a fall accent.


Which of these is a popular symbol of the fall season?

The connection between pumpkins and Halloween is undeniable. Use these and other gourds as decorations during the pre-winter months -- especially October.


Besides carving them, what else can you do to pumpkins to make them more decorative?

Some people paint pumpkins with cute or silly faces. It's a fun activity for the entire family.


What type of paint works best on pumpkins?

Acrylic paints tend to dry rather quickly. That makes them ideal for painting pumpkins, because the paint won't run.


Evergreens produce which of the following?

Pinecones are the pollen and seed carriers of evergreens. These cones have a lovely fragrance that can add a special sense of fall to your home.


How might you use pinecones as decorations?

By tying one or two pinecones to your curtain ribbons, you can add both beauty a fragrance to your home at little to no cost.


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