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An attractive autumn tablescape extends an inviting welcome to family and friends. Take the quiz to learn how to shape a colorful autumn tablescape.

What is a tablescape?

A tablescape, or table display, can be subtle or dramatic, whimsical or sophisticated. The fun and the challenge is to make it memorable.


What are two holiday themes that are appropriate for an autumn tablescape?

Fall is the ideal time to decorate your table with pumpkins and goblins for Halloween or turkeys and pilgrims’ hats for Thanksgiving.


What is a vignette?

Your tablescape should create a vignette; that is, it should tell a story, be it a thematic tale or a decorative mood that is conveyed along the entire length of your table.


What are the autumn colors?

The vibrant reds oranges, browns and golds of autumn can be combined to make a fabulous tablescape. Or you can select just one color and its various shades to create an elegant uniform look.


How do you achieve balance in a tablescape?

A successful tablescape always looks harmonious and well balanced. To do this, you repeat the scale, color and texture of the items along the length of the table.


What makes a nice seasonal autumn snack?

A bowl of rich dark chestnuts not only makes a delicious and healthful fall snack, bit it looks appealing on the table as well.


What is a simple but elegant way to display apples and pears?

Colorful red and green fresh fall apples look very tempting in clear glass bowls and very innovative and sophisticated in tall glass vases.


What do you add to a moss starter to make your own moss?

In a blender, combine the moss starter with a cup of yogurt or buttermilk and spread the mixture over the area in which you want the moss to grow. A spot outside in the shade is the most effective.


On your tablescape, what can you use hollowed-out mini pumpkins for?

You can purchase mini pumpkins at the market and hollow them out to use as decorative candleholders or as place card holders for your guests at each table setting.


What can you carve in a larger pumpkin in lieu of a Jack-o-lantern face?

You can have an array of carved pumpkins of various sizes on the table, enhanced by candles in each one. To make your pumpkin unique to you and your family, carve a monogram of the initial of your family name.


What kind of jar can double as a vase on your autumn tablescape?

Mason jars serve as ideal vases for fall flowers. And because they are used to store preserves, they tie in beautifully with the theme of the autumn harvest.


Which ONE of the following statements is true?

People often confuse goldenrod with is ragweed because they grow next to each other, but in fact they are not even in the same family. So feel (allergy-) free to add lovely goldenrods to your autumn tablescape.


What is regarded as the consummate autumn flower?

Mums, or chrysanthemums, are considered to be THE fall flower. They come in several varieties and can last for quite a while when they are cut.


How many candle fragrances are there in the U.S.?

If you like scented candles, there are more than 10,000 varieties to choose from. And you’re in good company, as seven out of 10 families in the U.S. use candles.


What can you stick into oranges to render a delightful scent?

An array of clove-studded oranges will add a lovely sense of color, scent and drama to your autumn tablescape.


Which herb should you add to your display to sweeten the scent of your spices?

Several sprigs of fresh rosemary will add a sweet scent to the rest of your fragrant spices.


What third ingredient do you add to a scented cinnamon and clove brew?

To create a warm, natural holiday fragrance in your home, put some water in a pot and boil some cinnamon, clove and allspice.


Does every tablescape have to have a centerpiece?

You can forgo a centerpiece and opt for three or four smaller pieces along the length of the table.


How can you use nature as decoration?

On your tablescape, put out wooden bowls filled with pinecones, as well as a few wicker baskets abounding with gorgeous gourds and luscious fall fruit.


How can berries add a decorative touch to your tablescape?

With a needle and thread, create a string of bright red berries and weave it around and through the table settings.


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