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They came, they saw, they conquered! The Roman Empire was one of the most successful in history. It was bloody, ground-breaking and extraordinary. But how much do you know about the Roman Empire? In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of this conquering civilization, and if you succeed, you shall feel like a gladiator​!

How many people could the Colosseum accommodate?

The massive Colosseum could accommodate a whopping 50,000 people. This was only topped by the Circus Maximus, which could seat 250,000!

What did Roman women wear to increase their beauty?

Roman women actually wore gladiator sweat because they thought it increased their beauty. Some people even drank gladiator blood in order to cure diseases.

The Romans inspired which of these modern U.S. icons?

Our Statue of Liberty is actually inspired by the Roman Pagan Goddess Libertas. Leave it to the French.

Romans were the first to use what?

Rome was​ the first civilization that successfully used concrete in their architecture. They also used the arch to great success, something that had never been done before, even though the Etruscans first invented the arch.

How many people died at the Colosseum?

It is estimated that 500,000 people died at the Colosseum in Roman times. Also, roughly one million animals were killed.

After a baby was born, what was done with it?

After being born, a baby was left at its father's feet. If the child was accepted, it was good to go! If not, it was abandoned.

Romans established the habit of building which of these?

The Romans were the first to build palaces. The word comes from the Palatine Hill, where Augustus began this emperor's tradition.

Which of these was a common name for girls?

These were all common girl names in ancient Rome. The list also includes Antonia and Claudia.

Which of these was a common military formation in Rome?

The tortoise was a common military formation in ancient Rome. It involved men bunching together and holding their shields around them.

In Rome ________ was very important.

Both land and agriculture were incredibly important in Rome. Almost everyone owned a plot of land, and Romans would work their own land to grow food.

Who was crucified in Rome?

Only non-citizen criminals were crucified in Rome. That's why Jesus was crucified. All others were beheaded.

Gladiatorial combat is believed to be a substitute for what?

It is believed that gladiatorial combat was a substitute for old human sacrifices. The practice was started in Etruscan times.

How many hours were in a Roman day?

There were 12 hours in a Roman day - the productive time between sunrise and sunset. These were measured by a sundial. You didn't carry a sundial on your wrist!

What was the majority of the Roman diet?

The Roman diet was mostly made up of grain. This was supplemented with vegetables, fruits and other extras, including olive oil. Meat was an expensive luxury.

Rome's last emperor​ was overthrown by whom?

Rome's last emperor, Romulus Augustus, was overthrown by the barbarians. He was named after the founder of Rome. He was overthrown by Odoacer, who became the first Barbarian king of Italy.

What was the average life expectancy in Rome?

The average life expectancy was 20 to 30 years. This was largely skewed by women dying in childbirth and a high child mortality rate.

Which was the largest empire in history?

The Roman Empire was actually not the largest in history. It only comprised 12% of the population. The British Empire was the largest in history.

Which is the best description of Ancient Rome?

It is said that Rome was six times more densely populated than modern day New York City. That seems hard to believe!

Which of these best describes the Ancient Roman economy?

Rome had some pretty serious income inequality. However, some experts say it was comparable to what we have in the U.S. today.

Romans were _____ to slaves.

Romans were said to actually be good to their slaves. They gave them bonuses and treated them like modern office workers. (Yet still, they were slaves, so...)

Which of these was a Roman delicacy?

Flamingo tongues were actually a Roman delicacy. Thank goodness they stayed away from the cow balls.

Romans were pioneers at _______?

Romans were genius plumbers. They even used cold water to create the first air conditioning systems. They also enjoyed their public baths and fine latrines.

In Rome, what was a good sign of leadership?

A crooked nose was actually a good sign of leadership! Today we consider it to be something that is worthy of surgery.

Roman charioteers were ________?

Apparently, Roman charioteers were quite rich! The wealthiest of them all amassed a wealth of $15 billion in U.S. dollars today.

The first ever ______ was built in Rome.

The first shopping mall in history was built in Rome. It had several levels and sold everything from food to clothes to spices.

Rome is known as what?

Rome is known as the Eternal City. It dates back to 509 B.C., and has been continuously populated since then.

Instead of toilet paper, Romans used what?

They had a fantastic lavatory system, but they had no toilet paper! They used wet sponges instead. Seems like a good alternative - until you find out that they were shared by all.

What tradition took place when an emperor was crowned?

When an emperor was crowned, an eagle was released, bearing his soul to heaven. The eagle was the symbol of Jupiter.

The Colosseum represents ______ of ancient Rome.

The Colosseum represents both the excess and the beauty of Rome. It is considered to be an architectural feat, one of the most cherished in the world.

Roman woman used lead paste to create what?

Roman women used lead paste to create a pale complexion. They also used crushed ant eggs to darken their eyebrows!

Romans bathed themselves with what?

Romans did not have soap. Instead, they bathed themselves with oil. They would scrape the oil off with a scraper made of metal.

Women preferred _____ hair.

Women preferred to have blonde hair. They would either dye their hair or wear wigs with hair from foreign slaves. Most prostitutes were blonde.

The war between the Romans and the Persians lasted for how many years?

The war between the Romans and the Persians lasted for 721 years. That makes it the longest conflict in human history.

What did Romans use to whiten their teeth?

The Romans actually used urine to whiten their teeth. They had toothpaste as well. Urine was also used to wash clothes.

Romans were fond of ______ fighting.

The Romans would actually fill amphitheaters with water and have polar bears fight seals. This took place in the first century A.D.

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