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You may think that avian flu is limited to one corner of the world and has little significance for your well-being. Consider this: A different avian flu strain once resulted in one of the worst epidemics the world has ever seen. Scientists believe the current bird flu strain is one step away from recreating such a catastrophe. Take this quiz and learn about this vicious and deadly flu strain.

Which flu strain is associated with bird flu?

The bird flu, also known as avian flu and H5N1, is particularly vicious. It can spread quickly and cause serious health complications, even death.


What percentage of people infected with avian flu have died?

Avian flu has an exceptionally high mortality rate. Half of the people who have become infected with this nasty flu strain have died.


Where did the avian flu originate?

The current strain of avian flu originated in Southeast Asia in 2003. It is the largest and most severe strain of avian flu on record.


Who is at greatest risk of catching avian flu?

Right now, only people who are in close contact with birds are at risk. The virus cannot be transmitted from person to person. If this were to happen, a serious and deadly pandemic would likely ensue.


Avian flu is common in what type of birds?

The flu tends to infect clusters of bird populations. Domestic waterfowl, such as ducks and chickens, are generally the species of birds that gets infected.


What epidemic was the result of an avian flu virus?

In 1918, an avian flu virus similar to H5N1 mutated and was able to transmit from person to person. This resulted in a flu epidemic of catastrophic proportions, as some 50 million people died worldwide.


Currently, experts believe the world is __________ to handle a new flu epidemic.

The World Health Organization has urged countries to prepare themselves for a new flu epidemic. The world as a whole, however, is still poorly equipped to handle an epidemic similar to the 1918 flu epidemic.


How can you prepare yourself for a flu epidemic?

Any emergency disaster plan requires you to have a stockpile of canned food and water. Also have an emergency battery-powered radio in the house. You can also protect yourself and your family by getting the traditional flu shot.


What treatment has proven to be effective in treating the current strain of bird flu?

Tamiflu has been used for successfully treating people infected with H5N1. Some people, however, are resistant to the medication.


What scientific discovery may eventually protect the world from a future bird flu epidemic?

In 2005, scientists informed the world that they had decoded the genetic sequence of the H5N1 flu strain. Understanding the genetic sequence of this flu strain will hopefully allow scientists to develop ways to fight the virus.


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