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Packing is often the hardest part of going on a trip. It is hard to know what to take and what to leave behind and the result is usually an over-stuffed bag that you can barely lift, let alone carry around with you for weeks or months. The good news is that overpacking can be avoided using some simple tips and tricks. Take this quiz to learn about ways to avoid overpacking.

Why do people overpack?

People tend to worry about the "what-ifs" and start to pack for the odd occasion they may need something. This adds unnecessary weight to your bag.


What sort of bag helps you to decrease the amount of space taken up in your bag?

Compression bags help to compress your clothes into a smaller space. They are especially useful for underwear and clothes that don't get wrinkled.


What does a packing folder help to prevent?

A packing folder helps to keep your clothes wrinkle-free and also saves space.


Which part of your suitcase or bag should you remember to utilize to maximize available space?

Fill pockets and use straps to attach extra things to your bag.


What size toiletries should you bring?

Where possible, leave your toiletries behind. If you need to bring toiletries along, get the small travel-size ones.


What type of accommodation usually provides toiletries?

A hotel usually provides toiletries. To save yourself some luggage place, call ahead to see exactly which ones they supply. Also make sure to clarify which toiletries are complimentary and which you have to pay for to save yourself a nasty surprise on the bill when you leave.


Why else is it important to have small toiletries?

You will save yourself problems getting through airport security with smaller toiletries, due to the rules about taking liquids on the plane that are enforced these days.


How can you avoid taking many different outfits?

Choose a few key outfits and take layers so that you can dress them up or down for different temperatures or levels of formality.


What sort of places should you take into account when planning your trip wardrobe?

Religious places often require more modest dress. Remember this when packing if you intend to visit these sort of places.


When you chose shoes for you trip, what is the most important factor?

Chances are you will be on your feet a lot while travelling so make sure you bring comfy shoes. Try to limit the amount of shoes you bring to one or two pairs, since shoes take up a lot of space in a bag.


How can you tell if you are carrying too much luggage in your bag?

If the just the thought of carrying your bag around is exhausting you or if you are feeling exhausted after an hour of carrying your bag around at home then you probably have too much in it.


What sort of service at your destination can help you cut down the amount of luggage you take?

If you will have access to a laundry you may be able to cut back the amount of clothing you take along.


What social taboo doesn't exist while you are travelling that can help save space in your bag?

You won't be socializing with the same group of friends every day so it is alright to wear the same outfit for a couple of days, despite the social taboos that exist when you are home.


How many bags should you take?

Ideally you should only take one bag. It will save you worrying about theft, as you will have fewer bags to account for. In addition, you will save costs by avoiding excess baggage. You will also be able to walk to places you may have needed a taxi to get to with extra bags and you will find your trip more leisurely carrying only one bag around.


When you use the bundling technique to pack, what sort of clothes go around the core of the bundle?

To use the bundling technique for successful packing, find a core object and wrap the larger and more wrinkle-prone pieces around it first, such as dresses, jackets and shirts.


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