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Can hot chili peppers actually ward off shark attacks? The ancient Aztecs believed they could. Check out our quiz and see if ancient rituals can keep you safe from sharks.

Which of the following have been proposed by researchers as potential shark repellants?

Though scientists, chemists and marine biologists have searched for decades to find an effective shark repellant, promising theories about magnets and electropositive metals have turned out to be disappointing.


What did native Indians in Mexico and Central America use to repel sharks?

The Aztec Indians hung strings of chili peppers from their canoes to repel sharks in the water and the Cuna Indians in Panama still practice this custom.


How many years ago did chilies enter Aztec cuisine?

Cultivated chilies entered Aztec cuisine and culture as many as 6,000 years ago.


For which purpose did the ancient Aztecs use chili peppers?

The Aztecs used chili peppers as a spice and for their medicinal properties.


The ancient Aztecs sacrificed _____ to their gods.

Remains of sharks found at the Aztec Great Temple, indicates the Aztecs sacrificed sharks to their gods as gifts.


Capsicum peppers get their heat from a chemical called:

The amount of capsaicin in Capsicum peppers determines how much burn there is in the pepper.


A Capsicum pepper's heat is measured in Scoville units. Which Capsicum pepper is ranked highest?

The orange habanero is ranked as the hottest pepper. The testers determine the rankings by first tasting the pepper, and then tasting gradually diluted ones until they can't feel the heat.


Pure capsaicin extract has _____ million Scoville units.

According to the Chili Pepper Institute, pure capsaicin extract has 16 million Scoville units.


Capsicum juice shark _____ may irritate the fish's gill membranes and nerves.

One Capsicum shark repellent patent is basically a pepper spray for sharks. Spraying a shot of pure Capsicum juice at a shark might irritate the fish's gill membranes and nerves causing it to run away from the source of the irritation, though someone has yet to prove this theory.


Which type of pepper has the lowest number of Scoville units?

Bell peppers don't have any Scoville units at all, while Tabasco has a whopping 125,000 units.


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