Baby Boomers: Can We Guess the First Car You Owned?

Zoe Samuel

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Hi! Can I borrow some money? Sorry, I just wanted you to feel at home. You're a baby boomer. That moniker used to mean you were the young, brash generation who would go on to change the world! Well, congratulations! Your generation certainly did that! Regardless of that, due to your age, you are used to a specific technological paradigm. 

Tragically, things change, and you are now living in an age of a new technological paradigm, one where that smartphone that your cousin insists he'll never own has somehow infiltrated every modern car's central controls. Want to adjust the temperature? Change the radio station? Fine. Use the touchscreen. You wanted to see what a different world would look like? Here it is: a world of apps, of rich-on-paper CEOs, and of plug-ins.

Don't worry though, because all this technology means that we can understand you. Yes, it can be used for good. In fact, we think that by using our fancy, millennial computer box thing we can extrapolate what your first car was if you just answer some simple questions. We know, it seems impossible. Trust us. We have more computing power in our offices than all of NASA did in the 1980s, and you remember the 1980s, don't you? C'mon! Give Ola a try!

When you were growing up, how often did you hear that your generation were all arrogant, entitled kids?

When did you come around on Nixon?

Were you a fan of Reagan's tax cuts?

How did you feel about the development of ICBMs?

Did you serve in Vietnam?

Did you protest the war in Vietnam?

Did you wear bell-bottoms?

How old were you when you read "The Lord of The Rings books?"

When you were a teenager, what did you think would happen to you if you smoked dope?

Were you a beatnick?

Were you ever a hipster?

Did you experiment with hippie-dom?

How often were you accused of being square?

When you were growing up, by what year did you think we'd have flying cars?

What TV show did you grow up with?

What was your favorite movie of the 1960s?

What band from the 1970s did you like best?

Assuming you had kids, when did you start that?

How long did you need to pay off your college loans?

What did you want to do as an adult profession, when you were a kid?

What area did you ultimately go into?

What year did you give up on using a traditional Rolodex?

Which of these US Presidents do you hold in the highest esteem?

What year did you get married?

What year did you get divorced?

What kind of car do you drive today?

If you could have any modern car, what would you want?

What do you think a differential is?

What color is your current car?

How often do you say that millennials are all arrogant, entitled kids?

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