Baby Boomers Should Be Able to Match These Slogans to Their Brands. Can You?

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All Baby Boomers know that there is something to be said about the way media and television has changed over the years. In the 1950s and 1960s, there were plenty of great shows out there to watch, but there was only one television set in your house, so you had to learn how to share. Additionally, technology wasn't as advanced back then, so it was impossible to avoid commercial breaks. That means that it was impossible for you to avoid seeing commercials, and with every great commercial came the very best jingles and product slogans that advertising companies could come up with. These jingles and slogans were meant to stick with you for as long as they could (or for at least as long as it took for you to get to the grocery store). 

If you loved watching TV, and you can't help but sing the jingles and say the slogan in your head whenever you see a product, it's time for you to test your skills. See if you can match more than 20 of these brands to their slogans on this nearly impossible (unless you're a Baby Boomer) quiz that we prepared just for the generation that was bound by commercial breaks.

The slogan for this two-player game was "You sank my battleship!" Can you name the game?

The design of Battleship hasn't changed much over the years. There is a grid and pegs and no one could see your board. It was a fantastic way to play war without actually getting physical.

What was the "busy-day dessert" marketed to housewives?

While it took a long time to make Jell-O itself, Jell-O instant puddings were so easy to make, you could have it finished if you start making it after dinner. Additionally, it was so easy to make, the kids could do it.

Can you name the candy bar that was "indescribably delicious"?

Almond Joy was originally made by the Peter Paul candy company, and if you're a Baby Boomer, you know that song like it is the back of your hand ... "Oh boy! Almond Joy!" We're sorry for the earworm.

"Some kids never grow up," when it comes to which product?

Cracker Jacks have been a part of snack time for a very long time, and a lot of commercials show that it doesn't matter how old you are, you can always love this snack (so much so that you might steal them from children).

This tire company's slogan was "Go Go Go" ... can you name it?

Goodyear liked to show off what its tires were capable of in its commercials. First of all, you didn't need a man to change your tire, because of the double rubber, and you could easily stop in the snow. Maybe one of these commercials was better than the other.

Can you name the cleaner that is "mean" and "hates dirt"?

The commercial for Mr. Clean turned the bottle into a machine gun ... because Mr. Clean was mean and hates dirt and ... wants to shoot it? It made sense back then because war was what boys were expected to do.

Which razor company asks "How ya fixed for blades?"

Gillette is a razor and blade company that was founded in 1901. While it advertised throughout its life, it wasn't until televisions were everywhere that it got into the slogan game, and this one was poppy and fun and sing-song like.

What dish detergent claims "You're soaking in it!" in its commercials?

Palmolive dish detergent and dish soaps have always claimed to be easy on the hands, and if you've ever had dishpan hands, you know Madge is going to have you soaking in it when she does your nails.

Can you remember what electric razor to buy to get the "close, comfortable shave you've always wanted"?

It can shave a peach without cutting the skin. Additionally, if you have coarse hairs on your face, it can cut nearly any kind of hair. They were essential for those on the go who needed to dry shave.

"You expect more from American, and you get it" was the slogan for which fuel company?

You'd carry your car for miles and miles just to fill it up only with this gasoline. While there is a gas station basically in every corner these days, most people had to fill up when they could back then, so this slogan was a little odd for the time.

"You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth" with which toothpaste?

Pepsodent always wanted to be a part of the in crowd, so it tried to market to teens and young adults by telling them that its toothpaste was hip, fresh and new. It may have worked back then.

What company wants to "put you in the driver's seat"?

Hertz has been renting out cars since 1918 (if you can believe that), and Baby Boomers probably remember the commercial with the couple parachuting into a rented car from Hertz, because commercials don't have to be realistic to sell things.

Do you remember which candy was "a part of living"?

Lifesavers were a family brand of candy, and you may remember their loving and warm commercials in which you'd hear that Life Savers were a part of living. Who doesn't want to give their child a wholesome candy to eat?

Do you remember which coffee "tastes as good as it smells, every time"?

These commercials came out before Mr. Coffee created a coffee maker and coffee still percolated on the stove ... making it really easy to burn, so it was important to buy coffee that tasted good from the jump.

Which grocery store sells "cackling fresh eggs"?

Who would have thought that you could spend 45 seconds talking about the shape of an egg in a commercial? The Kroger cackling fresh egg commercial talks all about the shape of eggs and how they are properly taken care of in the commercial.

Which cologne has a "license to kill ... women"?

Sure, the James Bond movies made quite a splash with Baby Boomers. So much so, in fact that they created a cologne just for men. While we aren't too keen on it giving men a license to kill women, we also know it must have smelled pretty bad since it didn't sell for long.

Can you name the car company that was "the champion of them all?"

Most specifically, Chevrolet trucks were the champions of them all. For anyone who wanted to explore, haul loads or simply get from one place to another, task force '57 Chevy trucks were all you needed.

Can you name the dish detergent that was "MarVelOus"?

Everyone wants to see the oppressed house wife giving her vows, and telling the man that she promises to keep his house for him and ensure him that he doesn't have to do the dishes. Just kidding! That's why there aren't commercials like this anymore.

"You're the boss" with what toy?

Lionel train sets were perfect for little boys to play with on rainy days, but in order to market them properly to young boys, they had to add missiles, explosions and guns, which they did.

Do you remember which coffee is "good to the last drop"?

Instant Maxwell House coffee was so easy to make that even the men in the household could make it, and it still tasted good. Maxwell House had a lot of great slogans in the '50s and '60s, and "good to the last drop" was definitely one of them.

Can you name the breakfast food that cowboys love?

If you wanted to see what it's like to deal with a spoiled cartoon child, you have to see this commercial. However, once the kid finally eats the Maypo, he starts throwing a fit to have more.

These shoes were marketed as "the shoe of champions," but their jingle was much more catchy. What shoe is it?

Get kids Keds, kids. That's an earworm that we may never get rid of. These shoes were marketed by Kedso the clown that loved to sing a song that repeated "Get kids Keds, kids!" over and over again.

"Mum's the word" for what cream deodorant?

This deodorant promised to block odors for up to 24 hours with its secret ingredient. What was the secret ingredient? M-3, but don't tell anyone, because mum's the word for this brand and for odors.

What is "the beer refreshing" named?

No, we don't understand this slogan either. However, they do complete the sentence at one point in their commercials by saying "Hamm's, the beer refreshing as the crisp waters ..." We suppose it worked for them.

"Nothing takes it off like ..." which product?

When a beautiful foreign blonde woman tells you that nothing takes it off like a certain product, you may just want to buy that product. Even if it is a shaving cream made by Noxema.

Which peanut butter brand's slogan had "practically nothing in common with the old style products"?

The commercial for Skippy basically states that natural peanut butter is absolutely disgusting, and that's why you never liked it before. Of course, Skippy was different (it was probably the sugar content).

This necessary cooling system helped babies sleep, and it was so easy it was "child's play." Do you know the name of the product?

The RCA Air Conditioner was marketed to mothers to keep their babies happy in the hot summer months. Babies tend to wake up a lot when it's hot, so make them comfortable before you make yourself comfortable.

Bucky Beaver loved to sing "fresh, clean and minty. You'll like it!" about which toothpaste?

There was nothing like watching a spaceman in a rocket battle tooth decay germs with a bottle of toothpaste. If you watched this commercial as a child, you knew you wanted ipana toothpaste, immediately.

This was known as "the delicious dessert," can you name it?

In their incredibly offensive commercial, Jell-O has a Chinese baby attempting to eat Jell-O with chopsticks. Luckily the Western invention of the spoon ... *eye roll* It was a sign of the times, of course.

This laundry detergent is "stronger than dirt." Do you know the name of it?

Ajax laundry detergent claimed to be stronger than dirt, and in the commercial, we even see that it cuts through oil and grease with a single wash. This, of course, wasn't true, but their scrubbing detergent was great.

"It's worth it" is the slogan for this pain killer. Do you know what it is?

Bufferin wasn't just acetaminophen, it was acetaminophen with an antacid. That means that it soothed your stomach while it helped your headache. The antacid helped the acetaminophen get into your blood stream faster.

Do you remember which candy is "triple good"?

Remember that "all of the kids in the neighborhood say Tootsie Pops are triple good," because they have two different kinds of candy and they're fun to eat. That makes three! Don't forget to buy a party pack.

This medication is "the best ... on any stomach," what is it?

Baby Boomers remember quite a few different commercials from Alka-Seltzer ... including one that involved a pie eating contest. However, the product made a very inclusive commercial when it talked about every stomach.

At this store, "You save on family clothes" ... what is the name of the store?

The value is high and the prices are low, so at this awesome store, you save on family clothes. This clothing store (clearly) didn't make it, and you may have only caught this one if you lived in the East or Midwest.

"Only Nabisco makes" what snack?

When it comes to creative commercials, Ritz Crackers didn't necessarily hit the top of the market, but their stop action with a jingle sold enough crackers to keep the company in business a while longer.

Which beer is "the most inviting glass of beer you've tasted"?

The good taste for good times, Budweiser loved to have multiple slogans in each of its commercials. For example, where there's life, there's Bud, and every golden drop of it was in multiple commercials.

This detergent offered "the cleanest clean under the sun," what was it?

When you do your laundry on the beach, you risk sand getting into pretty much everything. However, if you're in a Tide commercial, it's all good, because you're going to get the cleanest clean under the sun.

What is the name of this "hot cream shampoo"?

Shasta promised to give you the feel of a $3.50 shampoo for only nine cents. Wouldn't it be nice to only pay nine cents for shampoo and conditioner these days? However, these days we all know it takes a lot more to get that perfect hair.

Do you remember which gasoline claimed to have higher octane?

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a cartoon commercial for a fill-up station or a gas station. It's pretty interesting that they were so upbeat back in the '50s and '60s. Well, at least it got people out of the house.

Can you name the drink that "puts you at your sparkling best"?

Who doesn't love to see a commercial about a girl who threw a huge party and her only punishment is that she has to go grocery shopping for a week? There's nothing wrong with drinking all the cola in the house.

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