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Baby naming trends change all the time. Learn about different baby names and history while testing your knowledge with the baby naming trend quiz.

The most popular name for baby girls born in 2009 is:

In 2009, more than 22,000 baby girls were named Isabella.


After being the number one name for baby girls for 12 years, this name dropped to third on the most popular baby names list in 2008:

Emily may have held the title of most popular name for baby girls for more than a decade, but Emma and Isabella's recent increase in popularity has moved Emily down the list -- ranked third place in 2008 and sixth in 2009.


This name has been the most popular name for baby boys since 1999:

While Jacob has been the most popular name for baby boys born in America since 1999, Ethan, Michael, Alexander and William are no slouches. And Joshua, we're watching for you to crack the top five in 2010.


What was the fastest rising name for girls in 2009?

Parents inspired by the eldest first daughter, Malia Obama, helped increase the popularity of the name. Maliyah jumped from ranking 638 in 2008 to 296 in 2009, and the alternative spelling 'Malia' also had a big jump from 2008 to 2009, from ranking 345 to 192.


What were the most popular names for boys and girls in the 1880s?

The Social Security Administration began compiling lists of baby names in 1997 but they've collected data on all births after 1879. The most popular names at the close of 19th century America were John and Mary.


Elvis is not dead, he's just low on the name list. Where does the name Elvis rank among popular baby names for 2009?

Elvis fans are everywhere, including at the Social Security Commission. Commissioner Michael Astrue gives an annual update on the popularity of the name Elvis, and although Presley comes in at number 268 (for girls), the name Elvis is slipping, falling from 713 in 2008 to 858 in 2009 (for boys).


In 2009, the most popular baby names in California were Daniel and Isabella. What were the most popular in New York during that same year?

Although trends often spread across the country, the popularity of names can vary from state to state. While Isabella may be the most popular name in the country (and in California and New York) for 2009, Michael outpaced Daniel in New York.


The most popular name for girls born between 1970 and 1984 is:

Jennifer is the most common name for Gen X females; Amy, Lisa, Michelle, Melissa and Jessica are pretty common, too.


Although popular baby names can be influenced by pop culture, there are certain names that stand the test of time. What boy's name and girl's name have consistently ranked in the most popular names of the last 100 years?

Although it ranked 102 in 2009, Mary has been the most popular name for baby girls 46 times in the last 100 years. James, by comparison, has been in the top 5 names for baby boys for more than 80 years.


In the last 100 years, what name for boys has held the number 1 ranking 44 times?

Michael held the number one position in most popular boy names from 1954 until Jacob rose to the occasion in 1999 (with one exception when Michael slipped from first to second in 1960 when David took most popular that year).


Almost 4 percent of the top 1,000 names for boys rhyme with what word?

According to stats by the Social Security Administration, 3.7 percent of boy babies are given names that rhyme with "maiden," including Aiden, Jayden, Caden and Zayden.


One trend, when naming baby girls in the U.S., is a tendency toward spiritual names. The most popular spiritual name for girls born in 2009 is:

While biblical names such as Mary consistently rank high in popularity, names that reflect spiritual concepts are growing in popularity. Nevaeh, the word 'heaven' spelled backward, ranked number 34 in 2009. Heaven ranked number 275, and for boys, the name Messiah came in at number 663.


While the name Barack was given to only 69 babies in 2009, putting it at number 1,993 on the list of most popular baby boy names, the White House pup, Bo holds his own as a name influencer. Which of the following White House dog's name was ranked highest in 2009?

While the name Bo is positioned at the lower end of the top 1,000 baby names of 2009 (number 782), Charlie, Heidi and Rex all fare better, ranking 274, 297 and 752 respectively.


Since the 1970s, race has played a big part in baby naming. What percent of African-American baby girls born in California have names that are unmatched in their white peers?

A 2004 study conducted by researchers at Harvard University and the University of Chicago found that more than 40 percent of African-American baby girls born in the last 20 years have names that are distinct from white girls (no white babies were given those names during that same period of time).


While the name Jacob is number one for American baby boys, if you were to combine all the spellings of this name, it would oust Jacob from its number one spot. That name is:

Whether you spell it Aiden, Aaden, Aden, Ayden or Aidan (or another way), Aiden is one of the most popular names for American boys born between 1995 and 2009. While the spelling 'Aiden' ranks 12 in popularity in 2009, combined with the other spellings, it has named more babies than Jacob in the last decade.


Names beginning with what letter have been trendy for baby girls?

Names beginning with the letter 'L' have become fashionable for baby girls born in the last decade, including Lily, Lillian, Leah and London.


Recently, Americans are inspired by the names of which country?

While Irish names (such as Connor) for American baby boys are trendy, in Ireland, parents are trending toward globally common names (such as James and Emma, which are popular in America).


What is the most popular vowel beginning the most trendy baby names?

If the Emily versus Emma battle for the number 1 most popular baby girl name is any indication -- and it is -- names beginning with the letter 'E' are hot, for both boys and girls: Emily, Emma, Ella, Esme, Ethan, and the list goes on.


In 1909, the name Walter ranked 12 in popularity for baby boys born that year. Where does it rank in 2009?

The popularity of names comes and goes over the years, and many names that were popular 100 years ago are scarce today. While some names, like John, stand the test of time, Walter -- ranking in at 387 -- is an example of a retro name that has yet to make a comeback.


What are the most popular names for male/female twins born in 2009?

While Isabella, Emma, Jacob and Ethan are the most popular baby names in 2009, their popularity doesn't hold up when it comes to naming twins. The most popular names for male/female twins born in 2009 are Mason and Madison. For single births, Mason ranks 34 while Madison ranks 7.


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