Back to School: Can You Name These College Majors From a One-Sentence Summary?


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It's time to figure out your future! Which of these majors is your destiny? What career options flow from which majors? This quiz is going to test your knowledge of the majors of the world.

You'll offer tax and consulting services.

If you choose accounting for your major, you're going to be handling a lot of numbers. You're also going to encounter a lot of distraught​ people.

This major is all about food supply.

The study of agriculture is the study of food-life science. Hope you're not afraid of GMOs.

This major has the potential to not earn you any money​.

Sorry, art history majors, it's potentially not lucrative. But think of how cultured you'll be!

This is the study of the language spoken by much of the Western world.

To major in English is to read some of the Greats! It also means that you'll be able to speak properly.

It is the study of money.

Please say that you got that one right. Finance is the study of money and economics.

This is the study of the function and care of animals.

Animal Science is the study of the function and care of animals. Someone who studies this might become a veterinarian.

This is the study of culture and cultural diversity.

Anthropology is the study of culture and cultural diversity. There are four subsets of anthropology: biological anthropology, archaeology, linguistics​ and cultural anthropology.

This is a hands-on study of the visual arts.

Studio Art is the study of art with a hands-on approach. In other words: you convinced your parents you're getting a degree, but you're really just painting.

This major is for feminists.

There's a lot for women to learn in Women's Studies. There's also a lot for men to learn. Sign up, guys!

This is the application of cell science to industrial products.

Biotechnology is the study of molecular and cell sciences and how this applies to industrial products. Choose this major if you want to look smart.

A career of working with children is the result​ of this major.

Did you know that you can major in Child Science? Turns out all the moms of the world have a degree!

This field studies the interaction of man and the natural environment.

Earth Science is the study of man's technological and social imprint on the earth. It's basically the study of how we're all going to be screwed.

This major qualifies you to manage corporate employees.

Someone who studies Human Resource Management has to understand employee benefits, motivation, communication, and so much more. An understanding of workplace law is also important.

This is the study of forest ecosystems.

Forestry, or Forest Science, focuses on understanding and preserving forest ecosystems. Students spend a lot of time in the woods!

This is the study of Earth processes and the evolutionary history of the Earth.

Geoscience studies the evolutionary history of the Earth and general Earth processes. It also addresses environmental issues.

Choose this major if you want to be a gym teacher.

You major in Health and Physical Education if you want to be a gym teacher. Maybe you also chew gum and wear a whistle around your neck.

This is the study of the human experience.

History majors are smart people. They also know enough about human history to not accept any BS from anyone.

Study this when you want to house people for the night.

When you major in Hotel Management, you plan to run a hotel! And if you plan to run a hotel, you're going to see some crazy things in your life.

Declare this major if you want to be a social worker.

If you want to be a social worker, then it's smart to major in Family Studies. Some psychology might help, as well.

This is a major for the Information Age.

A degree in Information Science means that you're able to navigate the Information Age! Someone has to, because everyone else is flailing.

This is the major for aspiring news reporters.

Journalism is a major for those who want to get into newspaper reporting, magazine writing and broadcast news. Don't enter journalism if you can't accept criticism.

This is the study of exercise physiology.

Kinesiology is the sturdy of exercise physiology. It prepares people to work at gyms, schools, sports clubs, or for the 49ers.

The study of dolphins.

Marine Biology is the study of dolphins, fish and the general system of the ocean. It's all about the life aquatic!

This is the study of calculus and algebra (yawn) for smart people.

Mathematics is a broad area of study, and those who choose this major can have a wide variety of careers. Geeks rule the world!

Declare this major when you want to be a band teacher.

A degree in Music Education is for those who want to teach band, orchestra or general music in the classroom. You should probably learn how to play an instrument.

Study this if you want to take care of people.

When you study nursing, you're interested in taking care of people. This is not for those who are afraid of a little blood.

This major is all about nutrients.

When you major in nutrition, you're interested in dietary requirements and the nutrients in our food. Yes, you can still eat Frosted Flakes.

This field involves the properties and interactions of all forms of matter.

Physics is the study of the interactions and fundamental properties of all forms of matter. Yes, that is a mouthful.

This major touches upon the basic subjects of modern medical studies.

Pre-Medicine is the study of basic subjects of modern medicine. It's the broad foundation that is necessary before you become a brain surgeon.

Study this for a broad understanding of society.

A major in sociology is going to give you a broad understanding of the society that we live in. Sociology is a subset of behavioral science.

Enter this field to understand those who have special needs.

Special Education is designed to help prepare those who will look after individuals with special needs. This is a subset of human services.

This major involves collection, analysis and interpretation of data.

Statistics deals with the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. It's basically the mathematics of being alive.

Choose this major if you want to be in plays.

Majoring in theater will have you studying a lot of plays. And, if you're lucky, you'll get to perform in them!

This major explores media theory, history and culture.

In media studies, you explore the history and culture of our media. When you're done, you may want to move to a cabin in the woods.

Declare this major when you want to study wildlife.

The study of wildlife technology will give you a broad understanding of the wildlife of our planet. Or, you could just go to a bar for that.

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