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Doors are open and the lights are green. What do you know about the few, the happy few, the band of brothers? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

"Band of Brothers" dramatizes which World War II campaign?

The "Band of Brothers" miniseries is a dramatization of the Normandy campaign of World War II.


How many episodes make up the miniseries?

There were 10 episodes in the series.


Who produced this HBO series?

Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks co-produced "Band of Brothers."


Who wrote the book (with the same name) the miniseries is based upon?

Military historian Stephen E. Ambrose wrote "Band of Brothers."


True or False: Ambrose also wrote the script for the miniseries.

Kind of true. Ambrose is the only writer given series writing credits on all 10 episodes, but seven other writers contributed.


Who was the military technical adviser for the series?

Capt. Dale Dye worked as the military adviser for the series and also played the role of Col. Robert Sink.


Of the 20 Emmy Award nominations the series received, how many did it win?

"Band of Brothers" won seven Emmy Awards, including outstanding miniseries and outstanding directing for a miniseries, movie or dramatic special.


What regiment were the men of Easy Company assigned?

The men of Easy Company were part of the 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, assigned to the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division during World War II.


What were the men of 101st Airborne known as?

E Company, 2nd Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, was known as the Screaming Eagles.


Which is the battle cry of the 506th?

Currahee, a Cherokee word that means "stands alone," was the cry of the 506th, who were originally trained at Currahee Mountain.


Which did Easy Company NOT take part in?

Easy Company fought in Operation Market Garden and Operation Overlord, but it was the 1st Airborne, not the 101st, that dropped in Operation Dragoon.


Who apologized for getting hit during the Brecourt Manor assault?

Robert "Popeye" Wynn apologized to his lieutenant and company when he was shot in the buttocks during the Brecourt Manor assault.


Easy Company liberates which concentration camp in episode nine, "Why We Fight"?

In episode nine, the men of Easy Company liberate Kaufering, a camp part of the Dachau concentration camp system.


What music plays at the end of "Why We Fight"?

Ludwig van Beethoven's string quartet Op. 131, 6th movement plays at the end of episode nine.


In which episode does Tom Hanks have a cameo as a member of the Red Devils?

Tom Hanks can be seen as a British officer toasting the 101st Airborne in "Crossroads," the fifth episode of the series. (Look to the upper left of the TV screen!)


Which "Friends" star played the role of Capt. Herbert Sobel?

David Schwimmer appeared as Capt. Herbert Sobel, filming while on hiatus from "Friends."


Who said it? "The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you're already dead."

Speirs says this to Pvt. Blithe in the episode "Carentan."


Which star of the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy of films played the role of Sobel's assistant?

Simon Pegg plays Capt. Sobel's assistant.


I say "flash," and you say what?

In the episode "Day of Days," Winters says to Hall, "I don't think that's the correct reply, trooper. I say 'flash,' and you say 'thunder'".


What drink does Capt. Lewis Nixon, played by Ron Livingston, have a fondness for?

Capt. Nixon's favorite drink is Vat 69, a Scotch blended whisky.


What is the dead German paratrooper carrying in his pocket when Pvt. Blithe finds him before the attack of Carentan?

Edelweiss was considered the mark of a true soldier.


Which Shakespeare play does the phrase "band of brothers" come from?

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For he today that sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother" comes from Shakespeare's feast of St. Crispin speech from "Henry V."


It's rumored which actor was originally cast to play Richard Winters?

Imagine Maj. Winters as Mark Wahlberg rather than Damien Lewis, because it may have almost happened.


True or false: "Band of Brothers" is Tom Hardy's first on-screen credit.

Hardy plays Pvt. John Janovec in the final two episodes in the series.


Which "Saturday Night Live" Weekend Update anchor played a small role in episode five, "Crossroads"?

Jimmy Fallon, who anchored the "SNL" news desk with Tina Fey between 2000 and 2004, plays Lt. George C. Rice.


Is everything in the miniseries true?

It's a dramatization, and some history may have been changed to work as a TV series, but it's mostly true.


Did Lt. Speirs really shoot a platoon sergeant?

On D-Day plus 2, Speirs shot and killed a sergeant for being drunk and for twice disobeying a direct order under fire.


True or false: Colin Hanks, who played 2nd Lt. Henry Jones, is the son of Tom Hanks.

Colin Hanks, son of Tom Hanks, played Lt. Henry Jones in episodes "Why We Fight" and "The Last Patrol."


What is the name of the follow-up series that followed the 1st Marine Division battling the Japanese in the Pacific theater?

Hanks and Spielberg followed "Band of Brothers" with "The Pacific" miniseries.


Whose memoirs was "The Pacific" based upon?

"The Pacific" was primarily based upon "Helmet for My Pillow" by Robert Leckie and "With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa" by Eugene Sledge.


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