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Barbecue is an American culinary favorite. Competitions and restaurants can be found across the country, and cooking styles vary from region to region. Think you know everything about the sauces and techniques? Take this quiz to find out.

When making barbecue, when do you apply a mop?

A mop is a light, usually acidic, sauce brushed or sprayed onto the meat during cooking to keep it moist.


What do you get if you order burnt ends in a Kansas-style barbecue joint?

Order the burnt ends and you get charred parts of a beef brisket, perfect for those who like their meat well-done.


After hours of cooking, the finished product in barbecue will have a layer of what on it?

Bark is the delicious outer layer of barbecued meat. Meat, spices and heat come together to form this savory creation.


True of false: The pink smoke ring on the outside of smoked meat is actually raw.

Smoke rings occur on the outer pieces of meat when nitrates from the burned wood interact with myoglobin, a pigment found in protein.


If you barbecue with logs rather than pellets, do not be surprised if someone calls you a:

A stick burner is someone who fuels a fire with hardwood.


In what barbecue region is a pig pickin' most popular?

A pig pickin', when the whole pig is barbecued and served, happens most often in North Carolina.


Briquettes contain an ingredient that lump charcoal doesn't. What is it?

Lump charcoal does not have the chemical additives charcoal briquettes contain. The lump version also comes in a different shape.


"Eating high on the hog" means what?

The phrase means eating the best pieces of meat, like the shoulder, but in the South it can mean living well, too.


What is finger meat?

Finger meat is found between baby back ribs.


Barbecue sauce is often deep red or even clear. Where can you find white barbecue sauce?

Northern Alabama is home to white barbecue sauce, a mix of mayonnaise, vinegar, and sometimes additional ingredients like black pepper and lemon juice.


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