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Barnaby Jones might look past his prime, but a little gray hair never stopped him from nailing the bad guys! Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this unlikely private investigator.

What year did "Barnaby Jones" premiere?

The cool and collected detective first appeared in January 1973. The show ran until 1980 and continues to find new runs in syndication.

How many seasons of "Barnaby Jones" were made?

The classic PI (private investigator) show ran for 178 episodes over eight seasons.

What was the name of Jones' son?

After the murder of his son Hal, Jones came out of retirement to find his son's killer.

"Barnaby Jones" was a spinoff of this show.

"Barnaby Jones" was a spinoff of "Cannon," with Frank Cannon appearing in the pilot episode to help Jones find Hal's killer.

What is Jones' favorite drink?

Unlike the typical hard-drinking detective, Jones preferred his drinks to be alcohol-free.

Where is the show set?

Barnaby Jones Investigations, like many other TV detective agencies, is located in Los Angeles.

Who played the title role on the show?

Buddy Ebsen, fresh off his role as Jed Clampett on "The Beverly Hillbillies," played Barnaby Jones.

What is the name of Jones' secretary?

Jones' daughter-in-law, Betty, is his secretary, who somehow manages to land herself in plenty of danger along the way.

Who played Betty Jones on the show?

Former beauty queen Lee Meriwether co-starred as Betty Jones.

What year did Barnaby's nephew J.R. join the show?

J.R. Jones, the son of Barnaby's cousin Monroe, joined the cast in 1976.

What was J.R.'s profession on the show?

J.R., short for Jedediah Romano, helped Barnaby with cases while training for a career as a lawyer.

Who is Jones' contact in the Los Angeles Police Department?

Lt. John Biddle, who often butts heads with Jones, is the agency's contact within the LAPD.

Who played J.R. on the show?

Shera played J.R. on 93 episodes of "Barnaby Jones."

Who played LAPD Lt. John Biddle on the series?

John Carter starred as Lt. Biddle on 91 episodes of the show.

What was Barnaby Jones' last name supposed to be?

Jones was almost Cobb, but producers felt that Cobb was too rural and chose Jones instead.

What type of company was Meridian, which gave Jones plenty of jobs over the course of the show?

Jones was often hired by the Meridian Insurance Co. to help settle fraudulent or illegal claims.

What TV dad guest starred on "Barnaby Jones" as a killer journalist?

Mike Brady, aka Robert Reed, played a murderous journalist on one episode of the series.

Which character is shot at the Los Angeles airport during season five?

Barnaby's cousin, Monroe Jones, is shot by long-term foe Cahill during season five of the show.

Where does J.R. hail from?

J.R. and his father Monroe went from Chicago to Los Angeles to see Barnaby.

Which season features a second "Cannon "crossover?

In season four, Jones and Cannon team up once again — this time to investigate a dangerous corporation.

Where does Jones travel to investigate the "Coronado Triangle" during season six?

Jones travels to San Diego in season six to find out why so many yachts are vanishing in the so-called "Coronado Triangle."

Who is Barnaby trying to rescue in the season seven opener?

At the start of season seven, Barnaby must rescue Jenny Hastings before the killers find her.

Who is framed for murder in the season seven finale?

Barnaby and J.R. work to clear Lt. Biddle of the LAPD after Biddle is framed for murder at the conclusion of season seven.

What is the name of Barnaby's niece, who is framed for murder during season eight?

After Barnaby's niece Amy is framed for murder, he must clear her name and keep her out of jail.

How many Emmy awards did "Barnaby Jones" win?

The show never picked up a single Emmy, but it did earn two nominations: one in 1977 and one in 1979.

Where does J.R. travel during a season eight special episode?

J.R. travels to Maui, Hawaii, where he is framed as a drug mule and forced to prove his innocence.

What movie featured a Buddy Ebsen cameo in 1993?

Buddy Ebsen had a cameo role as Barnaby Jones in the 1993 big-screen version of "The Beverly Hillbillies."

What femme fatale did Lee Meriwether play before she was Betty Jones?

Before she was a simple secretary, Lee Meriwether played Catwoman in the 1966 version of "Batman."

Who narrated the show's opening sequence?

Hank Simms was the narrator on "Barnaby Jones" and also was an announcer on "The Tonight Show" and the Emmy Awards.

Which legendary producer created "Barnaby Jones"?

In addition to "Barnaby Jones," Martin produced "The Fugitive" and "The Streets of San Francisco."

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