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The best bartenders have an encyclopedic knowledge of cocktails and know how to keep things rolling while letting the liquor flow. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of all things bartending!

James Bond committed the ultimate bartending faux pas when he asked that this drink be, "shaken, not stirred."

Shaking a martini allows the ice to dilute the drink, changing the flavor. To mix it properly, give it a quick stir instead.


This tool helps bartenders create the perfect pour every time.

Think of a jigger as a measuring cup made just for pouring drinks. While some stick to counting or use shot glasses, bartending purists rely on the jigger to create a drink that's pure perfection.


Which term describes a drink served at room temperature, with no ice or chilling?

A straight up drink gets chilled before serving, while one served neat comes to you at room temperature.


Tom Cruise showed off his bartending skills in this classic 1988 film.

Tom Cruise introduced the world to flair bartending when he played Brian Flanagan in the movie "Cocktail."


These cocktail additives, made from herbs and roots, are used to make both a Manhattan and the classic martini.

Think of bitters as the bartender's spice rack. Just as a dash of salt adds flavor to a dish, bitters tie together the ingredients in a cocktail.


How can you estimate the proof of a liquor?

Proof is roughly double the alcohol by volume (ABV) of a drink, so vodka that's 40 percent ABV will be about 80 proof.


Which of the following is NOT typically found in an Old Fashioned?

An Old Fashioned contains bitters, sugar, whiskey and water or club soda -- the classic definition of a cocktail.


Which two ingredients make up a martini?

Mix gin and vermouth and top it with an olive or lime wedge, and you've got yourself a classic martini.


Made in Mexico, this liquor serves as the foundation for the margarita.

Straight up, blended or on the rocks, tequila, triple sec and lime juice make up the perfect margarita.


What type of glass should you use to serve brandy?

The large surface area of a snifter helps brandy evaporate, while the narrow top traps the scent of the liquor inside the glass.


What tool helps bartenders crush fruit?

Bartenders rely on a muddler, a special type of pestle, to crush fruit and herbs for mojitos and other cocktails.


Which of the following types of drinks should be shaken prior to serving?

Stick to stirring with spirits and sparkling drinks, but give a good shake to cocktails made with creamy liquors.


What is a mist?

Misting a drink, or serving it over crushed ice, helps to chill it more quickly than serving it over standard cubes of ice.


What two ingredients make up the Shirley Temple?

Named for the young actress who ruled Hollywood during the 1930s, the alcohol-free Shirley Temple consists of ginger ale and a sweet red syrup called grenadine.


Which ingredient is NOT found in the typical cosmopolitan?

When the ladies on "Sex and the City" sipped their cosmos, they enjoyed a blend of vodka, triple sec, lime and cranberry juice.


What act, passed just after the 18th Amendment, helped to bring about Prohibition?

To the relief of bartenders -- and beer fans -- everywhere, the 21st Amendment made liquor legal once more, rendering both the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act null and void.


What liquor is typically found in a Bloody Mary?

Originally called the "Bucket of Blood" when it was introduced in 1924, a Bloody Mary consists of vodka, tomato juice and plenty of spices.


What fortified wine can be found in both the martini and Manhattan?

Vermouth, an aperitif wine used in many classic cocktails, is fortified with extra alcohol, making it stronger than your average bottle of wine.


What type of liquor serves as the base for the Manhattan?

The Manhattan consists of whiskey, vermouth and bitters, typically garnished with a cherry.


The majority of beer sold in the United States falls into this category.

Despite the rise of craft beers, lager reigns supreme in the U.S.


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