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They say that in springtime, a young man's fancy turns to baseball. We probably put it a little differently, but we do agree. Take this quiz on how baseball works and you can find a dose of springtime anytime of the year. Batter up!

In the division of innings, the home team bats during which part?

In the division of innings, the home team bats during the bottom half of the inning, which is the second half.


Under Major League Baseball regulations, how far is the pitcher's mound from home plate?

MLB regulations place home plate 60 feet, 6 inches (18.4 m) from home plate.


What did Baseball Magazine reserve the term "hall of fame" to describe back in 1908?

Baseball Magazine used "hall of fame" strictly for a list of pitchers who'd pitched no-hit games.


What type of wood is generally used in major league bats?

Ash wood is most often used to produce the bats used in Major League Baseball.


Where on the field does the short stop play?

The short stop plays between second and third base.


In baseball play, what is a fielder's choice?

A fielder's choice is when a player makes it to base because the fielder chose to throw another player out rather than the batter.


How fast does a baseball thrown at 95 mph make it from the pitcher's hand to home plate?

According to Robert Adair, author of "The Physics of Baseball," a baseball traveling at 95 mph (153 kph) reaches home plate in 0.4 seconds.


A changeup is:

A changeup is a specialized pitch that's thrown in a manner that makes the ball look as if it's traveling faster than it really is.


What's a balk?

A balk is a deceptive motion by the pitcher. This deception comes from beginning a pitch, then stopping. Once a pitcher is in the motion of delivering a pitch, he must follow through. If he stops, the umpire may call a balk and award the batter and any base runner a free base.


Spring training is held in Florida and what other state?

Spring training, also called preseason, is held in Arizona and Florida for several weeks prior to the official beginning of the season. Teams select players, play exhibition games and try out new players during spring training.


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