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Obsessively in love with baseball? Want to take the ultimate baseball road trip and view a game in every single baseball stadium throughout the U.S.? Take our quiz and get some great tips on how to make this momentous trip a real possibility. Have the time of your life!

Who invented baseball?

Abner Doubleday and Alexander Cartwright invented the game of baseball. Doubleday initially thought of it and Cartwright formalized it into the game we know today.


In what year was the first professional baseball team formed?

In 1869 the Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first professional baseball team.


How much money did Ty Cobb make in 1927?

In 1927, baseball player Ty Cobb's annual salary was $80,000 a year. In 2008, Alex Rodriguez was paid $33 million to be third baseman for the Yankees.


How much revenue does baseball generate a year?

Baseball generates an average revenue of $6 billion.


What was the name of the gentleman who had seen more than 4,000 baseball games?

At 91 years of age, Chicago Cubs fan Harry Grossman had seen over 4,000 baseball games at Wrigley Field.


How many major league ballparks are there throughout the U.S.?

There are 30 major league ballparks throughout the country. The more famous ones include Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.


Where did the Baltimore Orioles open their new baseball field?

In 1992, the Baltimore Oriels opened Oriel Park in Camden Yard. This stadium started a new trend in stadium design and construction, a retro style mixing the old with the new.


How much is an average ticket to a Yankees game?

The Yankees are the most expensive team to watch, at a staggering $ 72.97 a ticket.


How long would it take to visit all 30 baseball stadiums?

It would take at least 40 days to visit all 30 baseball stadiums, but 60 days is more realistic and gives you a little more breathing room.


Who is the best kind of person to take along with you?

It is best to go with someone who is as obsessed with baseball as you are and who you usually get along very well with, especially in cramped quarters for long periods. There will be a lot of sitting in the car on long journeys!


How long before a game do you want to arrive in a city?

You will want to arrive on the day of the game, or the day before at the earliest. This way you don't waste too much time, but still get to see the city you are visiting.


What is the key to making this road trip a success?

Planning the trip will is essential to make it work. You don't want to waste time and gas by backtracking, so you need to align the geographical map with the season's schedule.


What can you use to help you plan your trip?

ESPN has a baseball road-trip planner site, there is a site called and iPhone has a Baseball Road Trip app.


What is the best car to use for the trip?

A hybrid vehicle is the best car to use for this road trip; it saves on gas costs.


What is a good tip for keeping costs minimal on this road trip?

A good way to save money on this trip is to avoid hotels and stay at campsites instead. Also contact the team's customer service department; they often have great deals for fans taking this trip. If not, sit in nosebleed seats, they are usually very cheap.


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