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Monsters may be living in your basement in the form of unsorted papers, old holiday decorations and unused tools. Eliminate your basement monsters by sorting through and organizing your basement contents. Take this quiz and learn how you can free yourself of your basement mess.

What greatly determines the purpose of your basement space?

A furnished basement is typically used as living quarters, such as a play room or office space. An unfurnished basement is generally used only as storage space.


What do you need to consider before using your unfurnished basement as storage space?

A damp and humid basement is not a good place to store your items, such as clothes and holiday decorations.


What is an important characteristic of hoarding?

Hoarding involves collecting items to the point that it impacts a person's everyday functioning, such as being able to live and sleep reasonably inside a home.


Why should you keep a formal list of items found in your basement?

A formal list and inventory of your possessions can greatly help with organization. It is also important to have this list in the event of an insurance claim.


Before you begin sorting through your items, you should:

Clear out your basement of all boxes and clutter. This can give you a better idea of the storage space you have and how you want to remodel or reorganize it.


Basement clutter and disorganization can be a symptom of:

Clutter and disorganization can be a sign of mental health concerns, including low self-esteem and difficulty letting go. Organizing your basement may be therapeutic.


Donate your unwanted items to:

Consider donating unwanted items to a good cause. Large organizations, such as the Salvation Army, may also offer a pick-up service free of charge.


Sort your basement items into:

While sorting through your basement items, make three piles: donate, trash and keep. The largest pile will likely be the keep pile.


What item should you consider storing in your basement?

Wine ages well in a cool basement. Consider storing your wine in the basement.


What is a good alternative to the traditional pegboard wall unit?

Pegboards have a lot of drawbacks, but you may want to install one anyway. Consider using a plastic pegboard as a better alternative.


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