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If you enjoy fishing for bass, but hate to sit in an open boat while baking in the sun all day, night fishing might be the sport for you. Night fishing has been popular since the invention of a specialized bass boat for that purpose, although you can also night fish from the edge of a lake or other waterway. Take this quiz to learn more about the numerous advantages to fishing bass at night, before you head out to catch the big one.

When is the best season for night bass fishing?

Nighttime bass fishing is a perfect summer fishing experience. Some anglers believe that night fishing also works year round in warm climates.


When did night fishing for bass become a popular pastime?

Nighttime bass fishing became popular during the 1960s, with the introduction of the bass boat.


What is a prime advantage of fishing at night?

You will not likely be bothered by pleasure boats, jet skiers and water skiers. You avoid the heat, possible sunburn, and often your boat may be the only one on the entire lake.


What is another positive benefit of nighttime bass fishing?

Bass often wait until things cool off before they feed during hot summer days, making them easier to catch at night. In addition, some experienced anglers believe that they catch larger fish at night.


If you plan on fishing at night, what should you do first?

Before night falls, scout out a space near a parking area where you can put the boat in the water. If you are fishing from shore, then locate an ideal spot to fish from the banks before nightfall.


Once you launch your boat, what is the best way to move it out to the area you picked to night fish in?

Launch your boat near to where you plan to fish, and don't speed away from shore. You should idle out to your preferred weedy, shallow spot so that you do not disturb campers or homeowners who are trying to sleep.


Where can you locate bass during the months when there is hot weather?

It is good to know that during hot weather months bass can be found in both shallow water near the shore and in deep water. In warm climates such as Florida or along the Gulf of Mexico, the season does not really matter.


What specific time or times during the night do dedicated anglers feel are best for bass fishing?

Dusk, midnight, and before dawn are the times some anglers will swear by, although each geographical area probably has its own best fishing time.


What kinds of nights are considered prime for the best bass fishing?

Nights with a full moon are considered prime bass fishing times. Bass have a tendency to feed more during bright moonlit nights.


What is the best part of a lake to fish for bass at night?

During hot weather months, bass can be found in both shallow and deep water.


What else will you have to do to be successful when night fishing during a full moon?

You will need to adjust your lures to suit moonlight fishing. An extra bonus of a full moon is that the moonlight cuts down on your need for flashlights or running lights.


What is the best idea whenever you plan to go night fishing?

For the sake of your safety, make sure a friend or family member knows your plans, including where you are going and when you plan to return. Fishing alone is dangerous.


What should you always have on your boat when out at night?

Make sure your running lights are functioning by testing them before you go out. Be over-prepared by having two working flashlights, a primary and a backup.


What should everyone in your boat do day or night?

Make everyone in your boat wear an approved life jacket or personal flotation device. Remember that it will get cooler after the sun goes down, so bring along a sweater or jacket.


What is the best color shade for a lure when night fishing for bass?

According to, many anglers have found that dark lures are most effective for night fishing, even though this does not seem logical. Bass do not have the same vision as people.


How long is a typical bass boat?

For casual fishing, aluminum bass boats are usually 16 to 18 feet (5 to 5.5 meters) in length, have only two or three seats, and a 25 to 150 horsepower motor. Boats designed for tournament fishing are more than 18 feet long, with 150 horsepower.


What other accessory is essential on your boat for bass fishing?

An electric trolling motor is attached to the front of the boat so an angler can move about slowly and quietly at the fishing site. Most anglers keep their catch alive in a livewell with a pump and air bubbler.


Why is it that bass can see dark lures easier than light colored or silver lures?

Bass can see dark lures more easily because they are lit by the night sky. Dark colors such as black, purple, deep blue, brown, and burgundy create a silhouette on the water that the bass can see.


Why should a night angler use a black, short-arm spinner with a single Colorado blade when fishing for bass?

Experts suggest that you use this lure since the blade and short arm together create a thump and vibration that attracts bass even from a distance. Bass are attracted to vibrations as well as to sound and color, making this lure arrangement an important combination.


What kind of water conditions are best suited to successful bass fishing?

Bass do not like murky waters. Choose lakes that are clear, not algae-stained and have not been stirred up by a recent thunderstorm.


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