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Cleaning a bathroom can be a backbreaking and undesirable chore. If you know how to clean a bathroom properly, it can be far less of a chore than you believe it will. Cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis can end up taking less time than if you put it off and have to spend hours scrubbing ground-in dirt. Take our quiz to see whether you know how to clean a bathroom efficiently.

What is a basic rule of thumb for bathroom cleaning chores?

For maximum sanity and ease of cleaning, you should clean your bathroom at least once a week. A bathroom that receives regular cleaning attention is a breeze to care for and can reduce cleaning time by half.


What can you implement in your family in regards to keeping a bathroom clean?

If you make it a firm rule that everyone is to rinse out the tub or shower stall immediately after use, it will be easy to clean the bathroom. Spray water on the interior surfaces, wipe down with a soapy sponge and rinse.


What is the best way to clean a cultured marble countertop?

Cultured marble can be easily damaged with abrasives, steel wool or even plastic colored scrubbers. Use only a mild all purpose cleaner and a soft cloth to clean your cultured marble surfaces.


What is a good way to protect a plastic laminate countertop surface?

A light application of furniture wax will shine and protect your laminate surfaces from stains. Be careful not to use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads on your laminates, as these products will scratch the surface, making it more susceptible to stains.


What is the best way to clean a bathroom laminate countertop?

Use a two-sided scrubbing pad, the fiber side is abrasive enough to remove greasy smears and scum while the sponge on the other side will wipe the surface clean. Avoid using abrasive pads, steel wool or any scraper on a laminate surface, as these items can permanently scratch your counter.


What is a good recipe for a home-made cleaning solution suitable for bathroom cleanup chores?

In two cups of warm water, add 3 tablespoons of baking soda and ½ cup of ammonia and stir well. This strong cleaning solution should only be used in a well-ventilated area while wearing rubber gloves.


What is a good way to clean bathroom mirrors or any mirrors for that matter?

The best way to clean mirrors is to pour vinegar into a shallow bowl, dip a crumpled sheet of newspaper in the vinegar, wipe mirror until almost dry and shine with a clean soft cloth or dry newspaper.


What is a good way to keep mildew at bay?

If you make it a rule to have anyone that takes a shower wipe down the walls with a towel after they finish (use their damp towel) you will not have a mildew problem. You can also reduce the possibility of mildew by leaving shower doors slightly ajar to promote air circulation.


What is a great way to clean up soap scum from shower enclosures?

A great and inexpensive way to clean soap scum is to use one cup of liquid fabric softener mixed in a quart of warm water to soften and remove the scum. You can also use a sponge dipped in white vinegar to make glass shower doors sparkle.


What can you use to clean up water spots easily on metal frames around shower doors and enclosures?

You can use lemon oil applied directly onto a terry cloth and wipe metal frames to clean up water spots quickly while adding a natural shine.


What should you do if you notice that grout or caulking is breaking away where walls join the bathtub or shower floor?

Clean out all loose and deteriorating caulking or grout before applying silicone caulk that is recommended for bathrooms. It is very important to keep water from penetrating into a wall as it can cause mildew and rot, requiring expensive repair jobs.


What is the best way to clean a porcelain bathtub?

Clean a porcelain bathtub with nonabrasive powder or liquid cleaner, remove any stubborn soap rings with a synthetic scouring pad, and rinse well. Take a moment to remove hair accumulation from the tub drain while you are cleaning.


What is a caution that applies to using commercial rust removers to remove rust stains from a porcelain bathtub or sink?

Commercial rust removers and drain cleaners contain strong acids, so use according to manufacturers' directions. Always protect your eyes with goggles and your hands with rubber gloves when using these products.


What is a secret to keeping a new shower curtain looking fresh and clean?

Hang your new shower curtain in front of the old shower curtain using the same hooks for both. Your old shower curtain will take the beating and protect your new curtain.


What is the best way to clean your shower curtain?

Wash your shower curtain in a washing machine along with a ½ cup of detergent, a ½ cup of baking soda add two bath towels to act as scrubbers for the curtain. Add one cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle to dissolve any soap residue and hang to air-dry as soon as the load finishes.


How do you clean a rubber or vinyl bath mat?

You can toss your rubber or vinyl bath mat directly in the washing machine along with some bath towels and in the same way that you would wash towels alone. The towels will help to scrub of the surface of the mat.


What material is used to manufacture most toilet bowls?

Toilet bowls are usually made from vitreous china, which looks like porcelain but is nonporous and easy to clean. Before you clean your toilet make sure to follow instructions on the cleaner carefully and never mix more than one chemical with the water in your toilet.


What should you be careful of when you are cleaning your toilet?

Be especially careful never to mix products containing chlorine bleach with ammonia-base cleaners. Always wear rubber gloves and be careful not to allow cleaners to remain in a toilet or to touch other bathroom surfaces.


What is a good way to give your toilet an overnight cleaning and sanitizing?

You can put a ¼ cup of borax or two denture cleaning tablets in the bowl overnight and brush it in the morning before flushing. Either of these cleaning suggestions will remove stains from the toilet bowl.


What steps should you take to clear a stopped up bathroom sink drain?

You should put a large pot under the P-trap and open the clean out to empty hair and dirt that may be plugging the sink first. If this does not work, close up the p-trap and try a plunger before resorting to liquid drain cleaner.


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