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Bathroom design is an important part of any home renovation. Take our bathroom design quiz and see how much you know about great bathroom design.

When designing a bathroom, any style can be adapted to your bath. Which is the best style to choose?

You can design your bathroom to match the style in the rest of your house, or go for something totally different. It's a great way to express your creativity.


Natural materials work great in a bathroom. Which should you choose?

Natural materials such as stone, wood or ceramic tiles add texture and depth to your bathroom design.


To give your bath that "pulled together" look, repeat each major color. How many times should you repeat them?

For a cohesive look, repeat your major colors at least three times in any setting.


Esthetics are important, but which common sense ideas seem right when decorating a bathroom?

Be practical. Plan for the long term, don't overdo and, above all, don't sacrifice safety for style.


Whose opinion is most important when designing your bathroom?

Everyone has different tastes and opinions, not to mention budget, so always listen to yourself first when planning any design project.


People tend to go all out with kid's bathrooms. What's the most important design tip to remember?

When designing a children's bathroom, it is best to use gender-neutral colors and to choose fixtures that are versatile and long-lasting.


Is it a good idea to mix design styles in your bathroom?

Mixing design styles is a great way to achieve a bathroom design that fits your personal tastes.


Safety features are important when designing a bathroom for the elderly or handicapped. Which function is highly recommended by safety experts?

One of the most important safety features to include in a bathroom designed for the elderly or handicapped is a separate shower stall with easy access for a wheelchair.


Most lodge style designs use earth tone colors. Which color would you choose for your new bath?

Though the Lodge look is associated with rich earth tones such as green and gold, it's fine to add some brightly-colored accents if you like.


Is it a good idea to use more than one color in your bathroom design?

When it comes to incorporating color into your bathroom design, anything goes. Just let your personal taste be your guide.


Creating a focal point for your bathroom design adds interest and drama. Which of the following might achieve the desired effect?

A mirrored wall, striking windows or an eye-catching vanity may all serve as a stunning focal point for your bathroom.


Using a period style from a bygone era in your bathroom design adds charm. Which of the following are period styles?

Period styles add charm, personality and elegance to your bathroom. Victorian style originated in the 19th century.


Romantic style bathrooms strive for opulence. Which of the following design elements might you use?

Rich pastels, luxurious fabrics and whimsical details can help you create the romantic bathroom of your dreams.


Because most bathroom fixtures are modern in design, most people tend to choose which design style for their bathroom?

Contemporary is the most popular style for American bathrooms, regardless of the design of the rest of the house.


Which of the following are elements of contemporary bathroom design?

Hardware made of highly-polished chrome, built-in cabinets with straight lines and one-piece toilets are all minimalist elements of contemporary design.


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