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Would you be a lot happier with your bathroom if it had the storage space that you really need? For most people there is never enough storage space in a bathroom. Take our quiz and find out whether you know what to do to solve the problem.

Where is a good place to store appliances that you use in the bathroom?

A great way to store several appliances that you use in the bathroom is a shoe bag hung on the back of the bathroom door. Not only do they make use of wasted space, but they accommodate the cords as well.


What is a logical choice when you want to add shelving in the bathroom?

For a bathroom, narrow shelves are a natural fit. These shelves are designed to store your bottles and tubes efficiently and you can easily see an item when you want it.


Skinny shelves are the ideal size to fit:

Skinny shelving is designed to fit in spaces between a commode and a tub or vanity. These shelves feature a very narrow footprint, leaving free space for you to move around.


In addition to storing items, what else can adding skinny shelves accomplish?

These shelves can be purchased in several styles and can give a perception of height to your bathroom. They can also create a focal point, especially when you place some of you items in decorative baskets before you put them on the shelf.


What can you do if storage is already tight and you want to replace your vanity with a pedestal sink?

Wire shelves designed to wrap around your pedestal sink are attractive and functional. They often provide more storage than your old vanity allowed with all the associated plumbing.


What is a good example of task-specific storage designed for a bathroom?

A caddy rack that hangs on your showerhead is an excellent example of task-specific storage that has been a bathroom staple for decades.


How can you spice up task specific storage in your bathroom?

You can display your decorative flare and spice up that task specific storage with woven baskets, pretty boxes and decorative containers.


According to ABC News, how much time does the average American spend in the bathroom each year?

The average American spends an equivalent of two weeks in the bathroom. This could explain why many people believe that a magazine rack is an essential bathroom storage item.


What is another good way to add extra cabinet space to a bathroom?

A triangular cabinet constructed of wicker, wood or bamboo placed in an empty corner can add charm along with function. A triangular cabinet will fit tightly in to a corner and will look as if it is custom built.


What is one method you can use to store spare towels?

You can hide your spare towels in plan sight. Place them in a nice wicker basket you can even place a couple of attractively wrapped fragrant guest sops on top.


What can you do with your personal necessities when storage is limited?

Take a trip to a craft or gift shop and pick up a selection of pretty boxes and containers. Place your personal items in your containers and store them on the bathroom counter.


Approximately how many Americans drop their cellphone in the toilet every year?

You may be surprised by this little tidbit of information derived from Bathroom Facts. Approximately seven million Americans have to roll up their sleeves in order to retrieve their cellphone from the commode every year.


What is one fact to consider when you are organizing your bathroom storage?

There are many items available to help create more storage space in your bathroom, but at some point there will be no more room.


There is no more room for storage, what now?

Rotate the seasonal items between the bathroom and another storage area during their off-season. You may be surprised how much space can be freed up for appropriate replacements.


How often should you inventory the bathroom to clear up unwanted or unused items?

Inventory your bathroom once every three months to discard expired medicines, old lipstick, dull razors and cosmetics that you do not use anymore. The empty space will give you an excuse to go shopping for the newest colors.


What is a great way to store your kid’s wet tubby toys?

Store your child’s toys in a fishnet sack with a drawstring top. You can hang the full sack on the tub faucet so the toys can drip dry and return them to their bedroom later.


What is an important consideration when arranging storage in the bathroom?

Although utility and consistency regarding storage choices are important, safety is an essential consideration. With slippery wet floors, plug-in appliances and chemicals around you need to make sure shelving is stable and dangerous items are out of a child’s reach.


What is the most important thing to check if you plan to use appliances stored in the bathroom?

Every electrical outlet located in a bathroom requires protection by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).


What is a unique way to achieve more bathroom storage that is often overlooked?

Bathroom walls that back on a hallway, for example, can have narrow, built in cupboards with sliding doors or mirrors. This space is just big enough for items like bottles, spare toilet paper and small hand towels.


What is a last word of good advice when designing bathroom storage?

Remember that you spend a lot of time in the bathroom. You probably will be reluctant to sacrifice a relaxing atmosphere and functionality for the sake of a few extra places to store things.


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