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Don your bat capes and hop in your Batmobiles, caped crusaders — it's time to test your Batknowledge with this Batman movie quiz.

The two villains in "Batman Forever" are Two-Face and …

Jim Carrey portrays the Riddler in "Batman Forever."


Who murders Bruce Wayne's parents in "Batman Begins"?

The killer is a crook named Joe Chill, which is true to the original comic book origin story.


Which of these explanations for the Joker's facial scars is NOT one that he gives in "The Dark Knight"?

The Joker gives several explanations for his disfigurement, but a bat attack is not one of them.


Who kills Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises"?

It is Catwoman that offs Bane.


In "Batman," the Joker wonders if Bruce Wayne had ever danced with the devil in the …

"You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" is one of many famous lines from Jack Nicholson's Joker.


What do Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze plan to do with the observatory in "Batman & Robin"?

The freeze ray would wipe out all of humanity, paving the way for Ivy's plant creatures to take over Earth — which makes as much sense as anything in this movie.


Who directed "Batman" and "Batman Returns"?

Burton's "dark fairy tale" aesthetic sets these two films apart from the Batman movies that followed.


What group does Bruce Wayne train with in "Batman Begins"?

Though Wayne trained with them, he ultimately rejects the League of Shadows' demand that he lead their forces in destroying Gotham.


What traumatic event leads Selina Kyle to become Catwoman in "Batman Returns"?

Kyle survives her fall from a high window, suffers a mental breakdown and creates the Catwoman persona.


What did Dick Grayson's family do before they were killed by Two-Face in "Batman Forever"?

Dick is the only survivor when the acrobatic team The Flying Graysons are murdered.


Joker captures a huge pile of money from other criminals in "The Dark Knight." What does he do with it?

To the Joker, burning the money is just part of his philosophy of spreading chaos and doing things without reason.


Four actors played Batman between 1989 and 2015: Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, George Clooney and …

Val Kilmer portrayed Batman just once, in "Batman Forever."


In "Batman Returns" the conflict between Batman and Catwoman is complicated by what?

They are unaware of each other's costumed identities despite the growing romantic relationship between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.


Who kills Bruce Wayne's parents in "Batman"?

The Joker kills them, although back then he was just small-time crook Jack Napier.


What is the power source for Mr. Freeze's life-support subzero suit in "Batman & Robin"?

The suit runs on diamonds, which leads Freeze to commit several heists.


In "Batman & Robin," Alfred's niece arrives, finds the Batcave and becomes what superhero?

Alicia Silverstone played Barbara Wilson, aka Batgirl.


How does Bane plan to destroy Gotham in "The Dark Knight Rises"?

Bane has to kidnap a scientist to make his reactor/bomb.


What is the Batmobile called in "Batman Begins"?

It's called the Tumbler, and yes, it comes in black.


In "The Dark Knight," the Joker enacted a deadly version of the prisoner's dilemma using what?

One of the ferries is full of escaped prison inmates, and the other is full of regular civilian passengers.


What is the name of Ra's al Ghul's daughter?

Talia al Ghul is the only person to escape from the prison in "The Dark Knight Rises." Well, until Bruce Wayne escapes.


There are three villains in "Batman & Robin": Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy and …

Bane plays a relatively minor role in "Batman & Robin."


What is the name of the prison that Bane releases all the prisoners from in "The Dark Knight Rises"?

Most of Arkham Asylum's inmates had been transferred to Blackgate, which is where Bane stages his prison break.


Why does Bruce Wayne use a bat costume when he becomes a vigilante in "Batman Begins"?

Young Bruce Wayne fell down a well and encountered a swarm of bats, instilling a lifelong fear of them.


What is the name of the deadly chemical the Joker uses in "Batman"?

When Smilex kills people, their faces contort into a death grin that makes them look like the Joker.


What kind of outfit is the Joker wearing when he bombs a hospital in "The Dark Knight"?

The Joker bombs the hospital dressed as a nurse. If you're wondering how he planted all those bombs with no one noticing … why so serious?


Why does Bane wear a mask in "The Dark Knight Rises"?

Bane was beaten in prison, and the mask makes the pain from his injuries bearable.


When the Joker and his gang rob a bank in "The Dark Knight," how does the Joker escape?

The Joker seems to have a thing for school buses — he uses one later to kidnap evacuated hospital patients.


How does Jack Napier's face become disfigured into a constant grin in "Batman"?

Falling into a vat of chemicals gave the Joker his distinctive look and also drove him insane.


Who is Dr. Jonathan Crane in "Batman Begins"?

Crane uses hallucinogens and a scarecrow mask to drive people insane.


Which of these villains has NOT appeared in a Batman movie?

The Batman movies have been shark-free for decades.


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