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Batman doesn't just travel in any old clunky car; he rides in superhero style in his custom-built Batmobile, a jet-powered vehicle that matches his black Batsuit. How exactly did they build it? How fast could it go? And how did they get it to jump 30 feet without being damaged?

How much does the Batmobile weigh?

The Batmobile used in the 2005 film "Batman Begins" was a real vehicle. It weighed 5,000 pounds and even served as the pace car in a NASCAR race in June 2005.


Which of the following is not a Batmobile driving position?

Batman's ride has two driving settings: one for regular driving and one for jumping/flying. The Batmobile does not have an amphibious/swimming position. It is also powered by a jet engine and has stealth capabilities thanks to a silent, electronic motor.


What is model bashing?

Model bashing involves using parts from toy cars, plastic models, metal and plastic tubes, and other parts to build a small version of the car you want to create in reality.


The Batmobile's creator built the model for the real Batmobile on a ______ scale.

The Batmobile's creator built six models, all on a 1:12 scale, before he got the look and the shapes that he wanted for the actual design.


After a scale model was designed, a full-sized model of the Batmobile was built from:

The Batmobile was sculpted at full-size out of Styrofoam. This helps determine actual proportions as well as the design for the body-panel molds and frame of the Batmobile.


To play its role in the film "Batman Begins," the actual Batmobile had to accelerate from zero to 60 in:

For its role in the film, the Batmobile had to be able to accelerate from zero to 60 in 5 seconds. It also had to reach speeds of over 100 mph, turn corners at high speeds, and land a successful jump of 30 feet without damage.


In what city were the car scenes involving the Batmobile filmed for "Batman Begins"?

All of the scenes involving the Batmobile in the 2005 film were filmed on the streets of Chicago, Ill.


The Batmobile's rear tires measured:

The rear tires of the Batmobile measured 37 inches in diameter. They were off-the-shelf, 4x4 mud tires called Super Swampers, made by Interco.


How much did each street-ready Batmobile used in filming cost to build?

Each street-ready racing model of the Batmobile used in filming cost a quarter of a million dollars to build. Because the car had no side windows and many exposed parts, drivers trained for six months before filming scenes. Different types of Batmobiles were also used for different scenes, including a "flap version" and a "jet version."


Which of the following models was used in the scenes in which the Batmobile travels between buildings?

The miniature Batmobile wasn't actually that small; it was a 6-foot-long, 1:5 scale model of the Batmobile, complete with an electric motor drive. When the Batmobile flew through the air and across ravines or between buildings in the film, this scale model did the flying.


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