Battle Your Way Through the Hunger Games and Find Out Which Warrior Princess You Are

Zoe Samuel

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All heroes and heroines in literature have their deadly challenges. Some heroes have to survive trials by fire. Some endure trials by combat. Some must live in the wilderness, at the mercy of wild animals and the lash of the wind. In The Hunger Games, heroes must survive all of these at once.

While The Hunger Games books seem to have concluded, a little-known fact about the Suzanne Collins novels is that an unpublished sequel we obtained through an unscrupulous industrial spy. In this sequel, every character in the story becomes a warrior princess. Yes, even the men. While publishing any more details of the book could land this website in a lot of trouble, it did give us the idea that perhaps all warrior princesses could be distilled to a few key actions in the Hunger Games.

Put yourself in the shoes of the characters forced to enter the Hunger Games. How would you approach your game plan? Would your strategy focus on surviving in the wild, building useful alliances, or good old-fashioned combat? What would your key weaponry be and how would you plan to use it? How do you assess your odds and how will that play out in the field?

Answer all these questions and more, and we will tell you which warrior princess you are!

What district do you come from?

What profession did your family have in your district?

Did you train for the games?

Did you have good role models back home?

Do you think the games are a good thing?

Do you volunteer for the games?

What do you feel as you are transported to the games?

Do you know the other tributes?

How different are you from the other tributes?

How do you court sponsors?

What cool trick can you do with a sword?

What difficult shot can you make with a bow and arrow?

Got any cool tricks with knives?

What is your preferred weapon?

What environment are you best suited to survive in?

What sort of armor are you accustomed to wearing?

How do you get dressed up for ceremonies?

How do you comport yourself on television?

Are you friendly with the other tributes?

How many tributes become your allies?

What do you do when they sound the beginning of the games?

What is your wilderness survival strategy?

What is your combat strategy?

Do you attack as part of a group, or solo?

How does your strategy shift after each engagement?

Do you attempt to kill with means other than conventional weaponry?

How good are you at building booby traps?

Are you willing to kill all of the other tributes, regardless of age?

How will you deal with the last remaining tribute, if they are an enemy?

How will you deal with the last remaining tribute, if they are an ally?

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