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It lasted only one season but left behind a legacy of enormous sci-fi proportions. How much do you know about "Battlestar Galactica?"

Where did the Twelve Colonies of Man get their names?

Each of the colonies of humankind winds up on a different planet.


What happened to the 13th colony of man?

Earth becomes a symbol of survival for the entire species.


How many episodes were there in the series?

It was a short-lived but incredibly influential show.


The ultimate goal of the crew of the Battlestar Galactica is to accomplish what?

They hope that Earthlings will have the ability to protect them from the Cylons' relentless warring.


The show was originally envisioned as being shown in which format?

It was meant to be a seven-hour TV series and that was it.


What did the word "frack" mean in the TV show?

It was a clever (but obvious) way to dodge TV censors.


What event led to a brief resurrection of the series in 1980?

Passionate fans did everything they could to bring back their favorite show.


Why did the show first open in theaters instead of just appearing on TV?

The show appeared on movie screens in foreign markets to help the studio make more money.


In which country did the show's pilot NOT appear on movie screens?

It was also shown in some European countries.


How long was each episode of the TV show?

Just enough time for commercial breaks, too.


How long was the human war with the Cylons?

It is also called the Great Cylon Conflict or the Thousand Yahren War.


The character Zac is played by which actor?

The singer had already launched his music career when he was asked to play a role in the TV show.


How much did it cost the studio to make the show's pilot episode?

In the late 1970s, it was an insane amount of money to throw at an unproven show.


How many basestars do the Cylons use during the destruction of the Twelve Colonies?

In the end, the Cylons come up just short in their bid to kill every last human.


Which world is revealed as the birthplace of humanity?

No one knows exactly why humanity was forced to flee its ancient home.


How big is the crew on a Cylon Raider?

The crew consists of a pilot, co-pilot and commander.


On which network did the TV show air?

Had the network truly understood fan devotion, it may have found a way to capitalize on the show's fleeting success.


How many human ships escape the Cylon destruction of the Twelve Colonies?

These humans become intergalactic refugees desperate for survival.


How much did it cost to make an average episode of the show?

That was more than twice as much as average shows in those days.


Why did the Cylons initially begin their attacks on humankind?

Humans tried (and failed) to halt Cylon attacks on the Hasaris.


Which actor played the role of Commander Adama?

He leads humans in their fight against the Cylons.


How long did the second Cylon War last?

The Cylons were the aggressors once again, determined to lay waste to humankind.


Captain Apollo is related to which other character on the show?

Adama is his father.


How long was the pilot episode?

It was far longer than most feature films and received fairly high ratings.


How many times does Starbuck crash a Viper?

He actually is a skilled pilot, but the universe is a dangerous place.


Isaac Asimov said that "Battlestar Galactica" was too similar to what other production?

He said he really wouldn't be able to enjoy it unless he could forget all about "Star Wars."


Why was the show ultimately cancelled?

In the span of just a couple of months ratings plunged, convincing executives that the show should be eliminated.


The pilot episode was interrupted by which major news event?

Fortunately for West Coast viewers, the interruption didn't affect their show.


20th Century Fox sued the producers of "Battlestar Galactica," saying they stole how many ideas from "Star Wars?"

The entire legal battle spanned years and was settled out of court.


Where did the name "Starbuck" come from?

It was the name of a crew member on a whaling vessel mentioned in the book.


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