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Ships to fight and ships to flee, spacecraft are the most important type of technology in this epic sci-fi show. How much do you know about the ships in 'Battlestar Galactica?'

In the original series, how many forward-mounted laser-torpedo guns do colonial Vipers have?

They can fly in space and also in a planet's atmosphere.


On a battlestar, what purpose does Tylium serve?

Tylium is laden with energy but also hazardous if its storage tanks are damaged in any way.


How many different types of Cylon ships are there in the original series?

The most frequently mentioned are the raiders, basestars and freighters.


What sort of ship-mounted weapons are KEWs?

The weapons are often belt-fed and look as if they have a very high caliber.


In the reimagined series, as the thousand-year war with the Cylons dragged on, how many battlestars did the humans build?

The most famous battlestar, of course, is named Galactica.


How many battlestars remain after the destruction of the Twelve Colonies?

After the attack, Galactica is the only known surviving ship.


Which version of the Viper fighter has three forward-firing kinetic energy weapons?

Altogether, it has six of these fearsome weapons.


Cylon freighters are equipped with what sort of weapon?

They are relatively defenseless compared with other Cylon military ships.


Helena Cain commands a battlestar with which name?

Pegasus is eventually heavily damaged and its crew transfers to Galactica.


About how many laser turrets defend a Cylon basestar?

Like a real-world aircraft carrier, they are armed with many defensive and offensive weapons.


Battlestar Galactica represents which of the Twelve Colonies?

Caprica, of course, is at the center of many of the show's plot lines.


Before the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, about how many ships made up a typical fleet?

Each fleet was led by a battlestar.


In the original series, how many Cylons make up the crew of a raider?

One commands the ship, while the other two do the piloting.


After the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, what is the primary purpose of the colonial ship Zephyr?

It is where crew members go to relieve the stress of their refugee lives.


In the original series, after the destruction of the Colonies, how many ships survive to make the trip to Earth?

Fleets that once numbered in the thousands are decimated by the Cylon attack.


In the reimagined series, how many ships survive the Cylon attack on the Colonies?

The surviving human population is much smaller in the newer series.


What happens to Viper Mark II fighters when they engage Cylon forces?

The fighters' advanced computers tend to malfunction in the presence of Cylon technology.


What is the approximate capacity of luxury liners like the Olympic Carrier?

These fish-shaped ships are well-suited to carrying many civilians between various locations.


Why does Galactica destroy a colonial ship named the Olympic Carrier?

Its suspicious behavior prompted a scan, which revealed an unauthorized nuclear weapon on board.


What's the approximate crew capacity of the Cylon heavy raider?

These ships have a reputation for durability in the face of heavy fire.


How are the Viper's guns aimed?

Viper pilots must not only steer the ship but aim and fire the guns, too.


How many battlestars are named in the original series?

Some are seen onscreen and others are merely mentioned; all are in peril of destruction at the hands of the Cylons.


How old was Galactica just before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies?

The ship was outdated and slated for replacement when the colonies were destroyed.


What sort of ship is the Majahual?

It is equipped with a claw that helps it snag ore from terrestrial sources.


Which battlestar was the first to be destroyed at the Battle of Cimtar?

The peace conference turned out to be an ambush, the Atlantia was the first to go.


What ship was primarily used for sewage recycling?

Most crew members presumably would have preferred other assignments.


What happened to a 600-person civilian ship named the Pyxis?

The Cylons attacked even civilians ships with impunity.


How many sublight engines are on a Mercury-class battlestar?

This class was created to replace the Galactica-class ships; then the holocaust occurred.


In the original series, colonial Vipers are generally superior to Cylon Raiders.

Vipers seem more agile and able to destroy multiple opposing raiders.


Raptors are generally assigned which sort of tasks?

Their shape echoes real-world space shuttles from NASA.


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