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From the original 1978 TV show through the reimagined series, the slang flies. Chrome jobs, bullet-heads, the Big G. What the frak are they saying, anyway? Test how well you know your "Battlestar Galactica" lingo.

What does BSG stand for?

BSG stands for Battlestar Group. Galactica leads BSG-75, and Pegasus leads BSG-62.


True or false: A colony is a planet.

It's true; planets are called colonies.


Who is second in command?

The executive officer, aka the XO, is second in command.


What color is ambrosia?

Ambrosia is a bright green alcoholic drink.


What are stims?

Stims, like speed, are stimulants taken by some pilots to stay awake.


Since not "stims," what are trainee pilots called?

Trainee pilots are nicknamed "nuggets."


What's a free flight jump?

A "free flight jump" is military jargon meaning a parachute landing.


What is a triad?

A triad is a poker-style card game.


What's known as the "book of strategy"?

The fighter pilot manual is known as the "book of strategy."


What is the Colonial equivalent of "mayday!"?

"Krypter!" is used as an emergency distress signal over radio communications.


What are Cylons?

Cylons are a race of AI that wiped out 99 percent of the human race.


Calling a Cylon a "skinjob" is a reference to what neonoir sci-fi film?

The term "skinjob" refers to 1982's "Blade Runner," where it was used as a derogatory term for a replicant.


Which is NOT a type of battlestar in the Colonial fleet?

Basestars (and raiders) are part of the Cylon, not the Colonial, fleet.


Where are you going if you're heading back to the barn?

Going back to the barn means you're going back to base.


What is the Colonial equivalent to an Earth year?

The Colonial measurement of a year is a yahren.


If you're in your jock smock, what are you wearing?

A jock smock is a flight suit.


Which expression is an affirmative reply spoken by Cylons?

"By your command" is an affirmative reply (yes) to an order given by another Cylon Centurion, the Imperious Leader or other authority.


How many centons are equal to one centar?

One centar, which is a Colonial measurement of time and analogous to an Earth hour, is equal to 60 centons (like to Earth minutes).


Who are knuckle-draggers?

Knuckle-dragger, like "grunt" in the U.S. military, is slang for enlisted personnel.


What's a Code Blue?

"Code blue!" is an internal security alarm call. It's yelled when there's a Cylon sighting aboard Galactica.


What is a week of Colonial time called?

A week of Colonial time is called a secton.


What is the government-regulated Colonial currency?

Cubits are used as currency throughout the Colonies. (Daggits, by the way, are dogs. And tucanas are 3-D feline creatures that sing on planet Carillon.)


What happens when a Cylon is "boxed"?

Being "boxed" means a Cylon's consciousness is downloaded into storage rather than into a new body.


What is happening when you go "skids up"?

Skids up means "take off" (or "launch"), and it's often used at the end of mission briefings.


Which American astronomer completes the expression "for ____'s sake!"?

The Colonial expression references Carl Sagan: "for Sagan's sake!"


Pyramid is what type of game?

Pyramid is a contact sport, combining elements of football and basketball with baseball and rugby.


What is the Colonial pain killer similar to morphine called?

Morpho, similar to morphine, is a pain killer.


Who is the Actual?

The commanding officer is referred to as the "Actual" over wireless transmissions.


Tally, short for "tally-ho," means what?

Tally means there's a sighting of an enemy target.


True or false: Derez, short for deresolution, was first coined in Disney's "Tron."

"Tron" was one of the first movies to use computer-generated worlds and avatars, and it was the first to use "derez," which means "deresolution" (when the avatar dissolves or is deleted).


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