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The Beach Boys' sunny, laid-back sound belied some major tension beneath the surface. How much do you know about The Beach Boys? Take this quiz to find out.

When did The Beach Boys form?

The band originally got together in 1961 in Hawthorne, California.


How many Wilson brothers were in the Beach Boys?

Carl, Dennis and Brian Wilson were founding members of The Beach Boys.


Who is the longest-lived Wilson brother?

Dennis drowned in 1993 and Carl died of lung cancer in 1998, so Brian is the sole survivor.


This Wilson cousin has been a Beach Boy since the beginning.

Mike Love is also a founding member.


How many Top 40 hits have the Beach Boys had?

The Beach Boys have 36 Top 40 hits, the most by an American band.


How many No. 1 hits have they had?

Four songs have topped the charts: "Help Me, Rhonda," "Good Vibrations," "I Get Around" and "Kokomo."


What was the Beach Boys' biggest hit?

"Kokomo," the Beach Boys' biggest hit, made it to No. 1 in 1988.


What was the band's original name?

The band originally named themselves the Pendletones, a play on a type of wool jacket that was popular with surfers.


How many of the Beach Boys were surfers?

Only Dennis Wilson could claim to be a surfing enthusiast.


For their first paid show, The Beach Boys opened for these performers.

The Beach Boys played a New Year's Eve show in 1961 — Ike & Tina Turner were the headliners.


What was the band's first single?

"Surfin'" was released in December 1961 and made it to No. 75 on the national charts.


The Beach Boys signed a seven-year contract with this label in 1962.

The group ended up having some major legal fights with Capitol Records down the road.


This 1963 Beach Boys album made it to No. 2 on the Billboard charts.

"Surfin' USA," led off the title track, was a big hit.


Brian Wilson wrote this No. 1 hit for Jan and Dean in 1963.

Wilson gave Jan and Dean their only No. 1, "Surf City."


The band released the "Surfer Girl" album in September 1963 and this album only three weeks later.

Brian Wilson had a burst of inspiration in the studio and the result was "Surfer Girl" and "Little Deuce Coupe."


What was the name of The Beach Boys' Christmas song that hit No. 3 in 1963?

"Little Saint Nick" was a surprise hit for the group.


What was The Beach Boys' last big "surfer" hit?

After "I Get Around" in May 1964, the band tried to cover new subjects.


This event led Brian Wilson to announce he'd be working in the studio instead of touring.

Brian Wilson had a panic attack on an airplane in December 1964 while the band was on tour. He soon announced he wouldn't be touring anymore.


Who was Brian's replacement on tour?

Glen Campbell briefly replaced Wilson, but then he had to see to his own solo career.


Which Beatles album inspired Brian Wilson to create the album "Pet Sounds"?

Brian Wilson said "Rubber Soul" was his main inspiration for "Pet Sounds."


Paul McCartney said that "Pet Sounds" was the main inspiration for this Beatles album.

Then McCartney turned around and said the Beatles wrote "Sgt. Pepper" with "Pet Sounds" in mind.


In 1966 this song became The Beach Boys' biggest hit to date.

"Good Vibrations" went No. 1 in December 1966.


Brian Wilson said that this long-unreleased album was a "teenage symphony to God."

Wilson worked on "Smile" obsessively but didn't release it until 2004.


The Beach Boys were ridiculed for dropping out of this music festival in 1967.

The band dropped out of Monterey for lack of new material, leading critics to say they were over.


What was the name of the record label The Beach Boys created in 1969?

Brother Records released most Beach Boys albums of the '70s.


How did Dennis Wilson meet Charles Manson?

Wilson unknowingly picked up two hitchhiking Manson followers, and Manson eventually showed up at his house with the whole "family."


What Beach Boys song did Charles Manson write?

Manson wrote a song called "Cease to Exist" that was renamed "Never Learn Not to Love."


Which movie sparked a Beach Boys comeback in the '70s?

The "American Graffiti" soundtrack featured a number of Beach Boys tunes.


Which movie sparked a Beach Boys comeback in the '80s?

The massive hit "Kokomo" was on the "Cocktail" soundtrack.


Which Beach Boy sang backup on David Lee Roth's cover of "California Girls"?

Carl Wilson (and Christopher Cross) backed up Roth on the 1983 hit.


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