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Bedroom decorating shows us how to personalize our bedroom and turn it into a relaxing retreat. Get great bedroom decorating tips by taking our quiz.

What is the main function of a bedroom besides sleep?

Though we spend much of our time sleeping in our bedrooms, they should also provide us with a relaxing retreat from the stresses of our day.


How can you make a small room seem larger?

To make a small room seem larger, keep it simple. Use light colors, clean lines and avoid busy patterns in fabrics and wallpaper.


How can you make a large room seem cozy?

To cozy up a large room, warm it up with patterned wallpaper and fabrics, deep tones and rich textures.


How high should your nightstand be?

Make sure your nightstand is as high as the top of your mattress, making it a comfortable height for answering the phone and setting your alarm clock.


What kind of linens should you buy?

Always opt for the best quality linens you can afford, assuring you of many years of restful sleep.


Children grow up quickly. Keeping this in mind, which of the following is a good choice for a small child's room?

When decorating a child's bedroom, keep in mind that they change very quickly. Neutral colors and furnishings that can be adapted as they grow are the best choices.


What is the most practical floor covering for a kid's room?

Vinyl flooring in a busy pattern or low-pile carpet in a soil-resistant synthetic is your best bet for a high-maintenance kid's room.


What is the most practical type of lighting for a kid's room?

Recessed lighting and wall sconces are the most practical choices for lighting up a kid's room. Floor or table lamps are easily knocked over during play.


What is the most important feature of a kid's room, as far as a mother is concerned?

When dealing with both kids and teens, busy moms want lots of storage solutions to keep rooms clean and tidy with a minimum of fuss.


What is the most important consideration when designing a comfortable room for your guests?

Privacy is paramount when welcoming guests into your home. If you don't have a separate guest room, consider converting a den or office for double duty.


Which features should be included in your guestroom?

Though it's great to provide a TV or private bath if you can, the essentials for a well-appointed guest room are a comfortable bed, adequate space for clothes and a good reading light.


What is the most luxurious floor covering for a master bedroom?

Good quality wall-to-wall carpeting provides a soft and luxurious backdrop for your master bedroom décor.


Where's the best place to read in your bedroom?

Though most of us do a lot of reading in bed, it is better for our eyesight and our backs to sit in a comfortable chair with good lighting if we are going to be reading for any length of time.


In an island-style bedroom, we often incorporate woven baskets reminiscent of exotic island getaways. What type of chair would be the most appropriate in such a setting?

A simple rattan chair accentuates the exotic tropical feel of an island getaway-style bedroom.


French provincial design often borrows from the bold color palette of French Impressionist artists such as Monet. What colors do they prefer?

The choice of blue and yellow for fabrics and furnishings in a bedroom imparts the lighthearted, traditional feel of a French countryside.


The best furniture color for a young girl's room is:

When designing a bedroom for a young girl, white furniture is a great choice. It can easily be updated as she matures.


What artistic effect can you paint on your ceiling to make a unique design statement?

Faux painting includes mural painting and other unusual effects. A mural painted on your ceiling is a very unique way to personalize your bedroom.


What's a good way to make a high ceiling seem lower?

Combining textured wallpaper or fabric on the lower section of a wall with a smooth paint finish on the upper section makes a high ceiling seem lower and the room more cozy.


What is an easy way to paint designs on your furniture?

An easy and inexpensive way to incorporate designs for a bedroom decor theme is with a pre-cut stencil.


What's the best way to personalize your bedroom?

Whether you're a traditionalist or a romantic, a modern city girl or an island getaway guy, filling your bedroom with family photos and other mementos helps you create a tranquil haven you can call your own.


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