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Much of what we eat has been produced at some point with the help of bees. Though these little creatures may not be around for long. Take this quiz to learn more about the bee crisis.

What is the term used to describe the hiring of bee hives to pollinate commercial crops?

When there aren't enough local bees to pollinate crops, farmers hire beekeepers to bring their hives. This is called pollination management and is becoming increasingly necessary in large, commercialized, single crop farms.


What is another word for a beehive?

Beehives are also called colonies. It is quite a challenge to keep hives in good condition, to provide them with proper nutrition and to maintain proper hygiene.


What percentage of the world's almonds are produced in California?

Some 80 percent of the world's almonds are produced in California. That's about $1 billion worth of crop.


About how many beehives does it take to pollinate the Californian almond orchards?

Beekeepers usually bring 1 million beehives, containing a staggering 40 billion bees, to the state of California to pollinate the almond trees.


How many dollars worth of crops are pollinated by bees every year?

According to the USDA, $15 billion worth of crops are pollinated by bees each year. Avocados, apples, cherries and melons are also pollinated by bees.


Which species of bees are used for commercial pollinating purposes?

Honeybees are used for commercial pollinating purposes, because they are most social in nature, are easy to transport and adapt well to eating different nectars.


What percentage of a beehive do beekeepers usually lose annually?

Beekeepers usually lose 20 percent of their hive a year, usually during the winter time.


When did Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) begin in the United States?

CCD was first seen in the U.S. during 2002, but it wasn't until 2006 that it reached a fever pitch.


What percentage of a hive has CCD eliminated?

Between September 2007 and March 2008, the United States lost 36 percent of its managed bee hives.


What is bee bread made out of?

Bee bread is made up of a combination of pollen and nectar. When CCD decimates a colony, usually the queen bee, a few young bees and the honey and bee bread remains.


Which year turned out to be normal for Australian beekeepers?

Australia and Europe has also been affected by CCD, though 2008 was a normal year for Australian bees.


What does IAPV stand for?

It has been suggested that IAPV, Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus, named for the Israeli scientists who discovered it, is responsible for CCD. It is considered to be its trigger, but not its overriding cause.


What is an example of a neonicotinoid pesticide?

Neonicotinoid pesticides, such as clothianidin, have been blamed for causing CCD. However, tests done on bees have found low levels of this pesticide in their blood.


What has been ruled out as a culprit in causing CCD?

Cell phones and cell tower radiation has been ruled out as a possible cause of CCD. The presence of genetically modified crops has also been dismissed as a cause.


What psychological condition has been suggested as an explanation for CCD?

It has been suggested that bees are dying off because they are overly stressed by the demands of modern life. Beekeepers are continually stretching the pollination season, giving bees less time to recuperate over the winter.


What is the name of the pathogen that some scientists suggest is responsible for the bee's demise?

Varroa mites have been accused of causing the widespread demise of bees. They suck the bees blood, leaving open wounds that become infected.


What other species of bee is being looked at as a possible replacement for the honeybee?

The blue orchard bee has been suggested as a possible replacement for the honeybee. Scientists are currently researching whether or not it will be up to the task.


What is the name of the project to save the bee populations?

The Great Sunflower Project asks bee enthusiasts to plant sunflower seeds and spend 30 minutes twice a month observing and recording patterns of bee behavior around the sunflowers.


Which part of a bee's biology may be responsible for CCD?

The honeybee's lack of genetic diversity has also been labeled a cause for CCD. This is still being researched as a possibility.


What is the scientific name for a beekeeper?

The scientific name for a beekeeper is an apiarist. It is a challenging job to maintain a bee hive, with an element of danger involved, too!


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