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There's something both sweet and frightening about bees. That they sting is and fly in swarms, frightens many people, but then there is all that honey. What is it about bees that we find so interesting? Take our quiz to learn more about these delightful honey makers.

What do bees feed on?

The diet of a bee consists primarily of pollen and nectar; they rely on the honey they produce during the winter months, when there isn't any nectar or pollen around.


Approximately how many species of bees are there in the world?

There are over 10,000 recorded species of bees, which differ in size, color, and social habits, among other things.


The oldest bee fossils date back to when?

Scientists have found fossils of bees from more than 80 million years ago.


What is the average size of the largest species of bee?

The world's largest species of bee, Chalicodoma pluto, is about 1 1/2 inches (3.8 cm) long.


About how many bees live in one colony?

A colony of bees can house as many as 50,000 members, which makes bees among the most socially cooperative insects in the world.


The world's smallest bees measure how long?

The smallest bees in the world, Trigona minima, averages less than 1/12 of an inch, which is just two millimeters.


At what speed to worker bees fly?

Worker bees can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, which is quite impressive considering the size of their wings.


How many bees does it take to make one pound of honey?

It takes 10 bees to collect enough nectar to produce one pound of honey. When you consider how much honey is on the market, you realize that's an astounding number of bees.


A bee's body is divided into how many parts?

Bees and all other insects have a body made of three parts: head, thorax, and abdomen.


To which section of a bee's body are it's legs and wings attached?

Attached to a bee's thorax are a pair of wings, and three pairs of legs.


Stingers evolved from an organ known as what?

Bees stingers evolved from an organ known as an ovipositor, which was originally used to lay eggs.


Why are bumblebees able to sting repeatedly?

Most bees have a barbed stinger, which means that the stinger will get stuck inside it's victim. The stinger of a bumblebee has no barbs, so the bee can easily pull it out and use it again.


What do bees use to collect pollen?

A bee's body is covered with fine hairs, which collect pollen when they come into contact with it.


The period of growth and development through which bees go is called what?

Bees and other insects develop into adults by a process known as metamorphosis, during which they turn from larva to pupa to adult.


How long does the metamorphosis of a worker bee last?

The average worker bee will complete it's metamorphosis in just 21 days.


What is the lifespan of a worker bee?

The average worker bee lives around six to eight weeks.


What are the three types of bees found in a colony?

Most bee colonies are made up of three types of bees: queens, drones, and workers. As with other types of insects, bees have no kings.


How many flowers do honey bees visit per day?

Honey bees are extremely active, visiting over 1,000 flowers per day. It is worth noting, however, that they remain loyal to a particular flower type for their entire lives.


What is the only social bee native to North America?

Only bumblebees are indigenous to North America. The other species of bees were imported, mostly from Europe, beginning in the 17th century, to bolster the honey market.


Which species of bee has no worker class?

The solitary bee has a different social order than other bees. They have fully developed males and females, rather than queens, drones, and workers.


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