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Bayside High was the place to be for TV fans on Saturday mornings in the early '90s. Fans were guaranteed good clean fun as Zack schemed, Kelly cheered and Mr. Belding ruled the roost. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about "Saved by the Bell"!

"Saved by the Bell" was actually a spin-off of what show?

Zack, Screech and Lisa started off as characters on "Good Morning, Miss Bliss," a show built around actress Hayley Mills. The show was canceled after a single season, but was later revived without Mills as "Saved by the Bell."


Where's the coolest place to hang out if you're a student at Bayside High?

Zack, Kelly and the gang typically head to local hangout The Max after school for a burger and a shake. In early episodes, the place is run by a magician named Max, but he is eventually written out of the series.


Who hosts the dance contest in the premiere episode?

The first episode of the series features a dance contest at the Max, hosted by none other than Casey Kasem. Slater and Kelly compete together, while Zack dances with Jessie, and Lisa and Screech team up. Lisa and Screech win, doing a dance called the Sprain.


What gives Screech the gift of seeing the future in the season one episode, "The Gift?"

After Screech is struck by lightning, he seems to develop the ability to see into the future. Of course, Zack is all too happy to take advantage of Screech's new ability.


What is Slater's preferred sport?

Slater is one of Bayside's best wrestlers and eventually gets offered college scholarships, thanks to his skills on the mat. He is also an amazing dancer and drummer who isn't afraid to perform.


Who is Bayside's biggest rival?

Bayside and Valley feud throughout the series. In the first season, the Valley students kidnap Screech, who serves as the mascot for the Bayside Tigers.


What does Jessie develop an addiction to?

As she struggles to excel in school and balance her extracurricular activities with homework, Jessie develops a brutal addiction to caffeine pills in season two. She finally gets help after admitting her problem to Zack in the episode "Jessie's Song."


What is the name of Bayside's driving instructor?

Mr. Tuttle teaches music and driver's ed at Bayside. He's also involved in a long-term feud with Mr. Belding, which dates back to when Mr. Belding was named principal of the school -- the job Tuttle wanted.


What character did Tori Spelling play on the show?

Tori Spelling guest starred as Violet Bickerstaff. She dated Screech, but her wealthy family opposed their relationship.


What manager at the Max convinces Kelly to break things off with Zack?

When Kelly starts working at the Max as a waitress in the season three premiere, she falls hard for manager Jeff. Eventually, she can't deny her feelings anymore so she dumps Zack to start dating Jeff.


Who gains a stepbrother named Eric?

In the season three two-part episode, "The Wicked Stepbrother," Jessie gains a stepbrother named Eric when her father decides to get remarried. Eric initially causes trouble for the group when he is involved in a car accident, then uses blackmail to protect himself while blaming the others.


Where does the cast find a bag full of cash?

In the season three episode "All in the Mall," the gang finds a bag containing $5,000 cash at the mall. They decide to spend the money on tickets to a U2 concert, but soon find themselves chased by a gang of mysterious men.


Which of these Bayside students scores the highest on the SATs?

Jessie may seem like the biggest brain at Bayside, but it's Zack Morris who scores the highest on the SATs. He scores around 300 points higher than Jessie, with his 1500-plus score on the exam.


Where does the group go to attend Jessie's dad's wedding?

In the two-part season three episode, "Palm Springs Weekend," the group heads to Palm Springs to attend the wedding. Jessie is angry that her father is marrying the much-younger Leslie, but she eventually learns to accept her new stepmother.


What was the name of the band that Zack and his friends formed?

In the season three episode "Rockumentary," Casey Kasem narrates a "Behind the Music"-style documentary about The Zack Attack -- a band started by the group which eventually crashed and burned.


What product does Screech "invent" in season four that the gang plans to sell?

Zack and his friends think they can make a fortune selling Screech's grandmother's spaghetti sauce -- until they learn that her famous recipe actually came from a popular cookbook.


Who played Screech's love interest, Robin, in season four?

Actress Soleil Moon Frye of "Punky Brewster" fame guest starred as Robin -- a pretty, popular girl who takes advantage of Screech when she thinks he has money.


What does Tori take from Zack to make him angry?

Tori is a new student who first appears in the season four episode, "The New Girl." She gets off on the wrong foot with Zack Morris when she parks her motorcycle in "his" spot on her first day at Bayside.


Where do Slater and Jessie spend the senior prom?

Jessie and Slater miss out on most of the senior prom when they get locked in the school boiler room. They are eventually rescued by Zack and Kelly.


What is the name of the club where the gang work in season three?

Several cast members take jobs at the Malibu Sands Beach Club in season three, where they work for Mr. Leon Carosi. The beach club episodes were interspersed with traditional episodes set at the school for the first half of the season.


What fairy tale does Bayside give the rap treatment to in season four?

Bayside puts on a rap production called "Snow White and the Seven Dorks" in season four. Zack and Jessie are scheduled to star, but when the script calls for them to kiss, they start questioning whether they have feelings for one another.


Who is valedictorian during senior year?

The hard-working Jessie has her heart set on being valedictorian, but it's Screech who takes the top honor. However, Screech refuses the honor and Jessie is named valedictorian after all. Meanwhile, Zack is stuck taking ballet classes so he has enough credits to graduate on time.


Where does the gang visit in their first TV movie?

In the 1992 TV movie, "Saved By the Bell: Hawaiian Style," the group visits Hawaii, where Kelly's grandfather owns a hotel.


Where do Zack and Kelly get married?

After many break-ups over the years, Zack and Kelly finally tie the knot in the 1994 TV movie, "Wedding in Las Vegas."


How many seasons of "Saved by the Bell" were filmed?

The show ran for 86 episodes over four seasons, from 1989 to 1992. Its predecessor, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss," ran for 14 episodes over a single season, from 1987 to 1989.


How many spin-offs did the show inspire?

"Saved by the Bell" inspired two spin-off series, including "The College Years," which ran from 1993 to 1994, and "The New Class," which ran from 1993 to 2000.


Where does the group go to college?

On "The College Years," most of the group attend the fictional California University, where Mike Rogers serves as their dorm manager. Unlike the original series, "The College Years" aired in prime-time.


Which Bayside alum returned to star on "The New Class?"

Samuel "Screech" Powers returned to serve as Mr. Belding's assistant on "The New Class," which lasted even longer than the original "Saved by the Bell" series.


Which cast member did Mark-Paul Gosselaar date for three years?

He and Kelly may have been an item onscreen, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar actually dated Lark Voorhies -- who played Lisa -- for three years while filming the show.


Which actress played Stacey Carosi on the show?

Leah Remini, who would go on to star on "King of Queens," played Stacey Carosi during the gang's stint at the Malibu Sands Beach Club.


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