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There are several advantages to using biofuels over fossil fuels. If you think you know all there is to know about these eco-friendly fuel options, take our quiz to see how "green" savvy you really are.

Compared to fossil fuels, which of the following is the most significant advantage of using biofuels as a source of energy?

Biofuel use has many benefits over fossil fuels, such as being less harmful and toxic to the environment. Although fossil fuels are cheaper to buy, biofuels rule because they come from homegrown crops that are sustainable.


What is one advantage of growing switchgrass for use as a biofuel?

While it's true that switchgrass can grow just about anywhere, the plant's biggest advantage is that it does not compete with food crops for space.


In what way does the U.S. government promote the biofuel industry?

The U.S. government provides incentives for a variety of programs to get people and businesses to use more biofuels.


Why is biodiesel fuel good for vehicles?

Although biodiesel keeps engines well lubricated, decreasing wear and tear, its biggest advantage is that it can be used in conventional diesel engines with little or no modification. In addition, performance does not suffer.


Why is biodiesel popular in rural areas?

Biodiesel is very convenient, especially for farmers living in rural areas. In fact, many farmers make their own biodiesel, which they then use to run their equipment.


How do fossil fuels contribute to global warming?

Although fossil fuels contain high amounts of energy, they spew tons of heat-trapping gases, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. These gases keep the sun's radiation close to the ground, heating Earth's surface.


How do biofuels impact human health?

While many biofuels do create pollution, they don't create as much pollution as fossil fuels. Because biofuels release fewer particulates into the air, they help reduce smog, which can improve health conditions such as asthma.


When considering biofuels, which of the following is the correct definition of "carbon neutral"?

For energy crops to be environmentally sound, the carbon biofuels release into the atmosphere has to equal to the amount of carbon the crops initially absorb from the atmosphere.


Why do some people believe biofuels are a better source of energy than other alternative fuels, such as solar power?

Alternative fuels, such as solar and wind, generally need huge investments in machines and other types of infrastructure, while the technology required for the widespread implementation of biofuels is already available.


Which one of these statements is not true about biodiesel?

Biodiesel is sustainable, but unlike gasoline or diesel, biodiesel releases less sulfur into the atmosphere.


Why are soybeans important in alleviating America's dependence on foreign oil?

While it is correct that biodiesel made from soybean is more environmentally friendly than diesel fuel, the vegetable has a high oil content, which makes it a good high-energy crop to replace oil.


What percentage of biomass do you think the United States uses for fuel?

Many people would like the see the United States increase it use of biomass for fuel upward from 4 percent.


Which biodiesel crop do people in Ghana grow, saving that country more than $230 million a year in oil imports?

Not only does Ghana use shea nuts to create biodiesel, the country also uses palm oil.


Why is jatropha a popular "fuel crop" in India?

Because jatropha is easy to grow and requires less water and fertilizer than other energy crops, farmers can use marginal land to grow the poisonous bush.


Which of the following is an accurate characterization of a "flexible fuel" vehicle?

The engines of flexible fuel vehicles can switch back and forth between fossil fuel (gasoline, diesel) and biofuel (ethanol, biodiesel).


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, how many Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) are in use in the United States?

The latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Energy show that number of AFVs has risen every year to more than 775,000.


How many AFVs in the United States run on ethanol?

There are more than 450,000 ethanol-powered AFVs on the road in the United States and only 40,000 electric-powered AFVs.


Which occupation is expected to grow as biofuel use increases?

As biofuel use increases, so will the number of farmers who will be needed to grow additional energy crops.


Which of the following is a correct statement regarding how biofuels impact the national security of the United States?

The United States will become safer as it lessens its dependency on foreign oil because it will lessen our involvement in volatile regions of the world.


What is one benefit of maximizing crop production?

By maximizing crop production through various techniques, farmers can feed people and also provide them with enough raw material for biofuels.


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