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Man's best friend can also be his best hunting dog. You can train your pooch to carry its weight in prey before your next hunting trip. Take this quiz to learn more about how to pick the best hunting dog.

What is a dog's natural talent?

A dog is a natural hunter.


Dogs have a natural tendency to do what?

They naturally like to chase after moving objects.


What is historically a "dog's job"?

Historically dogs were used to round up cattle, pull sleds and guard the farm.


What dog is best for duck hunting?

For duck hunting, man's best friend is the golden retriever.


If you are hunting raccoons, what dog should you bring with you?

If you're going after raccoons, bring a hound with you.


Modern hunting dogs are initially trained to go after what animal?

Modern hunting dogs start by being trained to chase after birds.


What dog is a quick learner and eager to please its trainer?

Quick learners and eager to please include pointers, retrievers, setters and spaniels.


What are hounds known for?

Hounds are known for their excellent sense of smell.


What dog can retrieve birds and not damage them in the process?

English springer spaniels can retrieve birds carefully.


What dog will let you know where to find prey?

The Irish settler will bound ahead and let you know where the prey is.


How does the Irish setter indicate the location of prey?

The Irish setter crouches down in a squat to indicate the quarry.


What hunting dog is also a good dog in the home?

The Labrador retriever is a good hunter as well as house pet.


What dog belongs to the versatile breed?

The drahthaar is one of the versatiles.


What tasks will a versatile breed dog perform?

A dog in the versatile breed can do it all -- it will point , retrieve, stay close or bound ahead.


Versatile breeds assist with the hunting of what animal?

Versatile breeds will assist with the hunt for birds, rabbits and deer.


Where do drahthaars originate from?

The versatile drahthaars originated in Europe.


How do pointers indicate they have located the prey?

Pointers point to the prey.


What dog is one of the original hunting dogs?

The Rhodesian ridgeback is one of the first hunters.


What is the Australian National Kennel Council equivalent of the sporting group dogs?

The AKNC uses the term gundog group.


What household retrieval task can you train your dog to do?

Some dogs can be trained to retrieve the newspaper or slippers.


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