Quiz: Which Biblical Leader Are You?
Which Biblical Leader Are You?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

There are all kinds of leaders in the Bible, from judges to kings to queens to prophets to pharaohs to emperors - to God himself. Some of them are profoundly corrupt and unwise, leading their nations into idol worshiping and ruin. Some have many fine qualities but are brought down by one particular sin such as hubris, when they start to believe that they know better than God. Very few - other than God - are actually flawless. Instead, they are relatable human beings who suffer from the same sorts of doubts and misgivings as the rest of us.

This is why they are so inspiring today. If Moses can overcome a speech impediment or Samson can transcend blindness; if Deborah can break through to lead in a man's world and David can humble himself after committing crimes; if Jacob can repent for stealing his brother's inheritance and Joseph's brothers can repent their fraternal envy - that means any of us can overcome our flaws. It means that whoever we are, there is a Biblical leader who we can look to who embodies the person we're trying to be, and it means that if we persevere, we can become just like them. Let's find yours!

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Do you sometimes fall for your own hype?

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Do you know how to hire the best team?

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How cool are you under pressure?

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Do you always maintain discipline?

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How much of your success is talent, as opposed to grind?

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Did you have to convince a lot of doubters?

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Do you believe in the win-win deal?

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How often do you work out?

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What industry do you intend to lead in?

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Can you handle being in a space where nobody looks like you?

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Do you ever dream of quitting and doing something else?

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Do you enjoy being the center of attention?

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Have you ever benefited from nepotism?

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Would you rather be respected or liked?

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Would you ever serve in the military?

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