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Knowing how to repair your bicycle by yourself will not only save you money, but will give you the satisfaction of keeping yourself on the road. Fixing a flat tire, repairing or replacing a broken chain, or even replacing a spoke are not hard to do and require just a few basic tools. Take this quiz to learn more about repairing your bicycle.

What should you do when you can't remove a flat tire by hand?

If you can't remove a tire from the rim by hand, use bike tire irons. Starting at a spoke, insert the plain end of a tire iron carefully between the rim and the tire; pull the slotted end down and behind the spoke, and hook the slot over the spoke to hold the tire iron firmly in place. Insert a second tire iron at the next spoke and repeat to pry more of the tire until the you get the tire off.


What is the easiest way to check a tire tube for leaks?

Use a bicycle pump to fill the tube until it's firm. Fill a bucket with water, then hold the tube underwater a section at a time and watch for air bubbles. Check the entire tube; there may be more than one leak. Mark any leaks with chalk.


What should you do before you put patches on the damaged area of the tire tube?

Use the roughing device or the top of the kit, scrape the damaged area of the tube to clean it and provide a rough surface for the patch to bond to.


What is the first thing you do to repair a damaged tire?

To give you access to the damaged tire, you must first remove the wheel from the bike.


What do you use to prevent the patch from sticking to the inside of the tire?

Let the patch dry for five minutes and then sprinkle it with talcum powder so it won't adhere to the inside of the tire.


How much time does it normally take to patch a bike tire?

With the right tools and materials ready at hand, it should not take more than about 30 minutes to patch a bike tire.


What type of bicycles require manual adjustment of chain tension?

Chain tension on single-speed bikes and 3-speed bikes with gears in the hub can be manually adjusted. On a derailleur bike, chain tension is adjusted automatically.


What is the most common method of measuring chain length?

If you can't measure by the old chain, check chain length by stretching the chain into place around the rear sprocket and the front chainwheel, exactly as the old chain was installed, with the two ends meeting at the front chainwheel.


How do you know you have tightened the new spokes correctly?

When you have tightened the new spokes correctly, the wheel spins freely and evenly. If it rotates with a wobble, adjust the spoke opposite the new spoke until the wobble stops.


Which does not cause inadequate braking?

Inadequate braking is often the result of a loose brake cable on one or both bike wheels. It can also be caused by wear to the brake shoes, the blocks of rubber that press against the wheel rims when the brake levers are squeezed.


What type of chain do single-speed and 3-speed bicycles use?

Single-speed and 3-speed bikes use a 1/8-inch chain with a master link.


What type of chain do 5- and 10-speed bicycles use?

Five- and 10-speed bikes use a 3/32-inch continuous chain.


What is commonly used to clean bicycle chains?

Bicycle chains are easily cleaned using kerosene.


Which tool is used in cleaning and replacing a bicycle chain?

You use needle-nose pliers or a chain rivet extractor to repair bicycle chains.


The master link of which size bike chain has straight side plates?

The master link of a 1/8-inch chain has straight side plates. To open the master link, pull out the retaining clip with a needle-nose pliers; then remove the side plate.


Which of these oil types is also used when cleaning bike chains?

After cleaning the chain in kerosene, immerse the cleaned chain in motor oil, remove it, and wipe off the excess oil with rags. Let the chain dry until it stops dripping.


How do you fit a new chain to the bicycle?

You must measure the new chain against the old one and remove links as necessary to adjust the new chain to the proper length.


How do you position the bicycle when you are replacing a spoke?

Set the bicycle upside down and prop it firmly in place.


What tool do you use to cut the old spokes?

If the old spoke is still in the wheel, cut it off at both ends with wire cutters. Remove any pieces of old spoke left in the wheel rim or the hub.


What tool do you use to adjust brake shoes on the wheel rim?

Place a third hand -- a special tool available at bike shops -- over the brake shoes and use it to draw them into contact with the wheel rim so you can adjust them.


How do you know the whether your bicycle's rubber brake shoes are okay?

Examine the brake shoes carefully. The rubber should be flexible; if a shoe is hardened or cracked, or if it's less than 1/2 inch thick above the metal mounting plate, it must be replaced.


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