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It all started with four geeks and an attractive next-door neighbor in 2007, and over a decade later the show doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Known for its acute use of scientific fact and hypothesis, as well as the dysfunction of Sci-Fi loving geeks, the show brings out the nerd in all of us. Whether Leonard gives us hope in romance, Raj teaches us how to talk to the opposite sex, Howard shows us the benefit of persistence or Sheldon lets us know that having an eidetic memory doesn't mean we still can't learn more, "The Big Bang Theory" has enough for all of us. 

So, we know you can't miss an episode and you have your DVR ready to record every episode in reruns - you know, just in case you missed one. Maybe you haven't seen some episode two or three-hundred times. Raj, Sheldon and Leonard all work in the field of physics, but do you know which field each works in? Do you remember how Sheldon and Amy met? Or, do you remember why Sheldon harbors ill feelings toward Wil Wheaton? 

We know you have a brilliant mind, so now is the time to show it off. Take this quiz and see if your IQ stacks up to the best IQ on "Big Bang Theory." By, the way, do you know who holds that honor?

The Big Bang Theory is about a group of geeky friends and their love for, interest, and work situations in this particular field.

The main characters are all preoccupied with science in their personal and professional lives.


All of these geeky dudes make up the main cast of nerdy friends in the show, except for this one.

Wil Wheaton is a recurring guest in the show, playing a fictionalized version of himself. The fourth geek of the group is named Raj Koothrappali.


Among the four geeky friends in the show, he is the one who has the highest recorded IQ.

Sheldon is played by Jim Parsons.


Which of the geeky friends do not possess a doctoral degree?

Howard is played by Simon Helberg.


The four fictitious geeky friends all work in this real-life university in California.

Caltech is located in Pasadena, where the show’s stories also take place.


Among his three close friends, this one is Sheldon Cooper’s roommate.

Leonard is played by Johnny Galecki.


Sheldon and Leonard are friends with Raj Koothrappali who also works in Caltech. But where is he originally from?

Raj from New Delhi is played by Kunal Nayyar, a British-Indian actor who was also brought up in New Delhi but was born in London.


In what kind of engineering field is Howard Wolowitz practicing?

To compensate for his lack of a PhD, Howard always mentions to the guys that his engineering designs have actual practical application in space, in contrast to the others’ specializations.


Both Sheldon and Leonard are physicists, but of differing branches. Which kind of physicist is Sheldon?

Theoretical physics concerns itself with mathematical models and abstractions to basically rationalize and explain phenomena.


Leonard is preoccupied in a branch of physics which is somewhat opposite Sheldon’s. What kind of physicist is he?

Experimental physics is concerned with using experimental tools to test theories and probe natural phenomena.


Raj also works in the Physics department at Caltech with the guys. But what is his area of expertise?

Astrophysics involves studying the physics of how the universe works, which involves studying celestial bodies.


Sheldon and Leonard live across the apartment of this woman, whom Sheldon often scorns because of her low intellect and lack of knowledge in geek culture.

Penny is played by Kaley Cuoco.


Penny is actually a struggling actress who worked as a waitress to make ends meet. In the first few seasons, where did she work?

While The Cheesecake Factory is a real entity, the show uses a fictionalized version of it, as the company that runs the restaurant chain doesn’t have a formal agreement with the show’s producers in the usage of their restaurant’s name.


Howard lives with his overbearing Jewish mother, Mrs. Wolowitz, and she is often heard screaming her dialogues with him. But do viewers actually get to see her?

Mrs. Wolowitz never made a physical appearance. When Carol Ann Susi, the voice of Mrs. Wolowitz, died in real life, the producers also echoed that in the show, having Howard’s mother die while on vacation in season 8.


During the earlier seasons, this woman was Penny’s waitress coworker who was actually a working student paying her way to finish her graduate studies in microbiology.

Bernadette is played by Melissa Rauch.


In contrast to her fiancé-turned-husband’s Jewish background, Bernadette’s religious background is grounded on this faith.

This Jewish-Christian clash gets explored several times prior to Bernadette and Howard getting married.


What is the name of Sheldon Cooper’s love interest in the show?

Amy Fowler is played by Mayim Bialik.


How did Amy and Sheldon meet?

In one episode, Raj and Howard wanted to find a suitable match for Sheldon, so they placed socially awkward Sheldon's information on a dating site to find his equal.


Among the cast members, who actually majored in science and earned a doctorate degree?

Like the character she portrays, Mayim also holds a PhD in neuroscience.


Sheldon often draws up extensive documentation as requirements on how to navigate life with him. What kind of agreement does he draw up with Leonard?

Many clauses in their Roommate Agreement frustrates Leonard most times.


Sheldon also drew up a similar tedious documentation with Amy. What kind of agreement is this?

Due to some frustrating clauses in their agreement, Amy often regrets that she never let a lawyer see this darn agreement before signing it.


Being the geeks that they are, the guys buy comics in their favorite comic book store nearby, before it burned down. What is the name of the store owner?

Stuart is played by Kevin Sussman.


Sheldon harbored hatred for Wil Wheaton because of this childhood incident.

Sheldon said he had to endure a 10-hour bus ride just to see Wil in that fan convention, a huge sacrifice on his end.


Sheldon and Amy created a web series which they shoot in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. What is the title of their podcast?

The study of flags, which Sheldon and Amy are showing in this podcast, is actually called vexillology.


Raj often communicates via video chat with his parents in New Delhi. What platform do they use to talk?

Skype was launched in 2003.


What is the name of Leonard’s lab coworker-whom Sheldon sees as his professional nemesis?

Leslie is played by Sara Gilbert.


How does Dr. Leslie Winkle refer to Sheldon, in reference to their professional competition?

The two physicists have conflicting scientific theories, producing their competition.


Like a true-blooded geek, or someone who suffers from selective mutism, Raj often finds himself incapable of speech when in front of this kind of creature.

In earlier seasons, Raj had to consume some alcohol to talk to girls. That, or he whispers to the guys what he wants to say and the guys relay the message to the girl.


Since these geeks are all working with physics and space stuff, it’s natural that this famous real-life cosmologist would guest-star in the show several times.

Stephen Hawking’s life was depicted in the film The Theory of Everything.


The fictional scientist Arthur Jeffries, who hosted a science show, is Leonard and Sheldon’s childhood favorite. What was his TV character’s name?

Professor Proton was played by Bob Newhart.


Given all the science-based TV shows liked by many, our show’s geeks seem to have this popular series as a favorite, given the many references they make in their daily life.

It’s no wonder that Wil Wheaton, a cast member of Star Trek: The Next Generation, guests in the show sometimes.


Given all the classic science fiction movies, this particular series seems to be our geek guys’ favorite as well.

The Star Wars saga is created by George Lucas.


One of the biggest tensions between Sheldon and Amy concerns this aspect of a relationship.

Amy tries to give hints and even seduces Sheldon from time to time to give him clues that could lead to bed. Alas, it takes a while for this data to reach his analytic mind.


When Sheldon and Amy finally had coitus, they had to miss going to the movies with the gang to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. What else was celebrated on that day that made a huge Star Wars geek like Sheldon miss this monumental screening?

In this episode, Sheldon discussed his birthday gift plan to Amy with Penny and Bernadette first, not the guys.


What is Sheldon’s favorite expression?

The catchphrase is used by Sheldon to punctuate a joke, which others read as a substitute for an actual punchline.


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