Big Bang Theory Ultimate Geek Quiz

By: Olivia Cantor

Big Bang Theory Ultimate Geek Quiz
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

It all started with four geeks and an attractive next-door neighbor in 2007, and over a decade later the show doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Known for its acute use of scientific fact and hypothesis, as well as the dysfunction of Sci-Fi loving geeks, the show brings out the nerd in all of us. Whether Leonard gives us hope in romance, Raj teaches us how to talk to the opposite sex, Howard shows us the benefit of persistence or Sheldon lets us know that having an eidetic memory doesn't mean we still can't learn more, "The Big Bang Theory" has enough for all of us. 

So, we know you can't miss an episode and you have your DVR ready to record every episode in reruns - you know, just in case you missed one. Maybe you haven't seen some episode two or three-hundred times. Raj, Sheldon and Leonard all work in the field of physics, but do you know which field each works in? Do you remember how Sheldon and Amy met? Or, do you remember why Sheldon harbors ill feelings toward Wil Wheaton? 

We know you have a brilliant mind, so now is the time to show it off. Take this quiz and see if your IQ stacks up to the best IQ on "Big Bang Theory." By, the way, do you know who holds that honor?